New Verizon Prepaid Plan Offers 500 MB Of Data For $30 Per Month: Is That A Good Deal?


Verizon expanded its prepaid plan offerings by introducing a $30-per-month option, though the terms of this new plan might not make it a popular choice among subscribers.

Verizon also made various changes to the rest of its prepaid plans, which do not require customers to sign annual contracts or go through credit checks.

New Verizon Prepaid Plan: Is It Worth It?

Through its official website, Verizon announced its cheapest prepaid line yet at only $30 per month. Like all other prepaid plans offered by Verizon, it comes with unlimited U.S. talk and text, carryover data for one month on prompt payments, a mobile hotspot feature, and unlimited text to over 200 international destinations.

However, the $30 prepaid plan only offers 500 MB of data per month. According to Verizon, that is enough for light data users, such as those who only mostly use their smartphones for text communication apps such as Messenger and for checking their e-mail. For customers who are heavy YouTube and Spotify users, the data allocation of this plan will run out quickly.

The low price of the $30 prepaid plan might be tempting to customers, but it should be noted that at just $10 more, the $40 prepaid plan already offers 3 GB of data, while the $50 prepaid plan offers 7 GB of data, the $60 prepaid plan offers 10 GB of data, and the $75 prepaid plan offers unlimited data.

Other Changes To Verizon Prepaid Plans

On top of the addition of the $30 prepaid plan, Verizon also made two changes to the Prepaid Unlimited plan. The price of the plan was reduced from $80 to $75, and it now offers a 3G hotspot feature, which was not previously allowed on the unlimited data plan. The tethering speed cap is only at 600 kbps, but it is still not a bad feature to have, especially as there will be no extra cost to subscribers.

Verizon also expanded the Travel Pass feature to prepaid plans. The feature, which will cost $5 per day, will allow subscribers to take their talk, text, and data with them as they leave the United States. Travel Pass for prepaid subscribers is currently available for trips to Canada and Mexico.

Verizon In The News

Verizon has been in the news a lot lately, with the carrier recently revealing that it will soon stop selling unlocked smartphones, just like all its rivals in the industry.

Last month, Verizon dropped plans to sell the Huawei Mate 10 Pro due to mounting political pressure, and it was on the receiving end of criticism from T-Mobile regarding its 5G network plans.

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