Recent reports have speculated the end of production for the iPhone X based on its poor sales numbers and it seems, Apple needs a marketing push.

Verizon steps in to do just that with a new BOGO deal that will launch on Monday, Jan. 29. The offer encourages existing subscribers and potential customers to trade in their eligible smartphones and purchase an iOS handset.

Available options are the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. Once customers make their choice, they will receive a $699 discount on another unit from the same lineup.

The Requirements

Subscribers can choose any combination of the three iPhone models detailed above. Verizon requires that both units are on device payment plans upon purchase and the new line must be activated on Verizon Unlimited.

Customers must be aware that the $699 discount for the additional unit is not applied in a bulk amount. As a matter of fact, the total amount will be credited in increments over a 24-month period, which is the typical lock-in length for new subscribers.

At least, the trade in credit will help bring down the cost of the customer's second unit.

T-Mobile Offers It First

According to sources, Verizon apparently followed T-Mobile's marketing strategy in order to promote Apple's 2017 handset lineup. However, there are key differences that make the latter's offer slightly more appealing.

The process is pretty straightforward. Subscribers sign up for the offer and purchase their first iPhone at full price. Next, they receive the $700 discount on the second unit, but unlike Verizon's offer wherein the amount is credited to the subscriber's monthly statement, T-Mobile customers receive the full amount through a prepaid MasterCard card.

Another advantage T-Mobile has over Verizon is the availability of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the selection pool of Apple smartphones.

iPhone X Slow Sales

Earlier this week, several reports made a bold claim that the iPhone X will cease production this year. What they mean is that unlike older iPhone models like the 7 and 7 Plus, which are still in circulation as a cheaper alternative to the 2017 models, Apple will not offer the X after its 2018 variants come out.

An analyst from KGI Securities likewise pointed out that the iPhone X's premium price was one of the reasons why it failed to hit sales targets. Another possible reason is the Chinese market's dislike of the screen layout for the X, which is supposedly due to noticeable notch on the top part. In its place, consumers in China have opted for the iPhone 8.

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