The Wyze Cam, which received praise when it was released in October 2017 for being a feature-rich security camera at a price of $20, will soon release version 2.

The new Wyze Cam will add features and make improvements to the original, but it will retain the $20 price tag that gives the security camera such great value.

The Original Wyze Cam

The original Wyze Cam burst into the smart security camera scene last year with features such as 1080p video recording, motion and audio sensing, night vision, and a cloud storage system. The Wyze Cam also comes with a magnetic base that allows it to swivel or tilt in any direction, and a microphone and speaker that enables two-way audio.

The Wyze Cam arrived as a challenger to the Nest Cam in the suddenly crowded smart security camera space, which was also occupied by offerings from companies such as Samsung, Netgear, and Logitech. The useful features and cheap $20 price tag of the Wyze Cam, however, allowed it to gain a following among budget-conscious customers.

Wyze, however, will now look to attract more attention with the second iteration of its security camera.

What Does Wyze Cam Version 2 Offer?

The Wyze Cam version 2 keeps all the capabilities of the original Wyze Cam, but adds a few new features and improvements.

One of the new features of Wyze Cam version 2 is named Motion Tagging, which highlights motion during live streams and in the playback of recorded video. The feature makes it easier for users to see what triggered a motion alert.

Through an upcoming firmware update in March, the new Wyze Cam will also receive limited support for Amazon's Alexa. Users will not be able to issue voice commands to the Wyze Cam through an Amazon Echo, but they will be able to watch live streams from the security camera on Echo devices with screens such as the Echo Spot and Echo Show.

In addition, the second version of the Wyze Cam will come with a new CMOS sensor that makes the 1080p HD video clearer and smoother for both day and night vision. Audio quality will also see an improvement, thanks to a new audio chip and Class-K audio power amplifier.

Last but not least, the smart security camera will have a non-reflective matte finish, compared to the glossy finish of its predecessor.

The best part about it is that the Wyze Cam version 2 price stays at $20. Preorders are now being accepted for the cheap but powerful smart security camera, with shipping to start by the end of February.

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