The Apple HomePod is apparently not the only smart speaker that may damage wooden furniture, as Tom's Guide reviewer Mike Prospero found out that the Sonos One also leaves white marks on wooden surfaces.

Sonos congratulated, and then threw shade at the Apple HomePod when it launched by creating a Spotify playlist, which is ironic because the app does not work natively on the Siri-powered device. The company, however, is not involved in the latest issue surrounding Apple's smart speaker.

Sonos One Also Leaves Behind White Marks On Wooden Surfaces

According to Prospero, after learning that Apple's HomePod leaves behind possibly permanent white circles on wooden furniture, he became concerned as he placed the Siri-powered smart speaker that he was testing on top of a wooden cabinet. Sure enough, when he got home and checked, he found a large white ring underneath the HomePod.

However, as Prospero was inspecting the damage, he noticed that there were similar but smaller white marks near where the HomePod was placed.

Upon closer inspection, Prospero realized that the white marks were made by the Sonos One speaker. Like the Apple HomePod, the Sonos One has silicone at its base. However, unlike the HomePod which left behind prominent white circles, the Sonos One left behind four small marks. Apple, apparently, was right when it said that the white marks left by the HomePod were not unusual.

According to a Sonos spokesperson, this is the first time that such an incident has been raised with one of its devices, and that the company is now investigating the situation.

Accessory Makers Capitalize On Latest Apple HomePod Issue

Prospero confirmed Apple's previous statement that the marks faded over time, as he saw that the white circle from where his HomePod used to be located has started to disappear. Apple said that if the white marks appear permanent, customers might need to get the furniture refinished to get rid of them.

It would be best if the HomePod or the Sonos One device don't leave behind the white marks in the first place. A cloth placed underneath the HomePod, however, is not a good solution as the soft material will absorb the sound.

Accessory makers, meanwhile, have capitalized on the latest Apple HomePod issue by releasing products that will prevent the smart speaker from damaging wooden furniture. One such accessory is the Leather HomePod Coaster by Pad & Quill, which is being sold for preorders in two color options for $19.95.

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