Farting Man Forces International Flight To Make Emergency Landing


Farting caused an international flight to make an emergency landing after a man refused to stop doing it. A flight from Dubai to Amsterdam was grounded after a passenger declined a request from other passengers.

Passengers on the low-cost airline were treated to drama in the air.

Excessive Farting

The incident occurred on a Transavia Airlines flight from Dubai to Amsterdam last weekend. Two men sitting next to another man who would not stop farting became angry. Crew members on the flight didn't want to get involved with the incident and didn't do anything about the farting. Eventually, the pilot had to intervene during the incident.

That warning went nowhere, as a fight started between the men. This fight caused the pilot to have to make an emergency landing. The pilot had to land in Vienna, Austria, where police boarded with dogs to remove all those involved in the altercation. This included the men involved in the fight and their two sisters that were seated near the fight.

All four passengers were being held by Austrian authorities. They were not arrested during this time. They were then released the same day because they had not broken any laws. The sisters are now planning to sue Transavia for the ordeal.

Legal Problems

Law student from Rotterdam, Nora Lacchab, was forced off the flight along with her older sister after spending a week in Dubai. Both are Dutch with Moroccan ancestry. Lachhab believes that she was kicked off the flight because the two men who were kicked out were also of Moroccan descent.

Lacchab says she was confused as to why she and her sister were forced to leave the flight along with the men.

"The strange thing is that we also had to leave the aircraft. While we did not know these guys at all. We happened to be in the same row, but did not do anything to justify the bizarre behavior of the Transavia crew," Lacchab said to De Telegraaf. "Do they sometimes think that all Moroccans cause problems? That's why we do not let it sit. We had to see for ourselves how we came home "

Lacchab contends that she and her sister had nothing to do with the incident. She adds that it was the fault of the flight crew for not being able to stop the situation from escalating any further.

A spokesman for Transavia says that the passengers were posing a risk. Transavia banned all four passengers from all flights. Lacchab and her sister are pursuing legal action.

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