6 Ways To Keep Your Brain Young
(Photo : Steve Buissinne | Pixabay) From brainy activities to eating a healthy diet, and taking Omega-3 supplements, there are plenty of ways to improve brain function. Here are 6 ways to keep your brain young.

As humans age so does the brain and all of its functions. Cognitive impairment can cause a rapid decline in cognitive abilities, such as memory and thinking skills. Here are 6 ways to keep your brain young.

Keep Your Mind Active

Scientists have found that when people keep their minds active, their thinking skills stay sharp. Brainy activities such as games, crossword puzzles, and other mental activities can help improve memory loss, according to WebMD. Stimulating activities like drawing, painting, and other arts and crafts can help improve how the brain functions.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise not only lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol levels, and reduces stress, but it can help the development of new brain cells. Previous studies have found that mice who do physical activity can triple the number of new neurons produced in brain, it also can delay the possibility of dementia, according to the New York Times

Eating A Healthy Diet

Eating the right is a great way to help keep a healthy mind, body, and soul. Eating well can also increase energy levels, boost the immune system, and sleep better at night.

Superfruits like blueberries can also help reduce the effects of conditions such as Alzheimer's disease or dementia, according to WebMD. The fruit also has the ability to improve both learning and motor skills of much older rats.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids can help fight against mental disorders, including depression, dementia, and schizophrenia. In addition,"Omega-3 fatty acids support synaptic plasticity and seem to positively affect the expression of several molecules related to learning and memory that are found on synapses. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for normal brain function," said Gómez-Pinilla, a staff member of UCLA's Brain Research Institute and Brain Injury Research Center.

Listen To Music

Listening to music can help reduce anxiety, depression, blood pressure, and improve memory. "If you want to keep your brain engaged throughout the aging process, listening to or playing music is a great tool. It provides a total brain workout," said otolaryngologist at Johns Hopkins Medicine.


Researchers have found that people who suffer from being lonely have an increased risk of developing dementia by 65 percent. "It's almost unbelievable, but we know that loneliness is worse for your health than 15 cigarettes a day, being an alcoholic and being morbidly obese," said Professor James Goodwin, a chief scientist at Age UK.

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