The Apple Watch is set to be released in a matter of months, and while there is no official release date yet, many are expecting it to be released in January or February of next year.

While we know a bit about what Apple Watch will include, we have yet to see the device in action. Here are five videos showing the best Apple Watch features.

Digital Crown

Classic watches include the "crown" as a way to change things like the time and date. Apple has taken this a step further and included it as a way to control a number of different things. The video below shows a glimpse at what the Apple Watch can do with the digital crown.

Fitness Tracking

The Apple Watch isn't just a watch; it also includes a number of fitness tracking capabilities. It makes use of a number of sensors, such as an accelerometer and a heart-tracking sensor, to be able to help users with their fitness and track them through Apple's HealthKit, its new software platform for collecting data from various health and fitness apps. This is a must-include feature for Apple, with a growing awareness of fitness being part of the reason that wearable devices are becoming so popular.

Digital Touch

Digital Touch is another way of communicating with the Apple Watch, allowing users to share simple messages and images at the touch of the screen. Users can, for example, draw a question mark or a heart as a way of expressing their emotions. Apple has also programmed a number of emoticons into the Apple Watch for the more nuanced conversations.


The Apple Watch can be tailored exactly to how the user wants it to look. It comes in a number of different colors, two different sizes, different watch materials and so on. The Apple Watch, like many Apple products, is a fashion statement, and the fact that it's a wearable amplifies this. For those that need that extra bit of luxury, there's even a gold-plated Apple Watch available.

MagSafe Charging

While it's not the completely wireless charging that many were hoping for, or an inductive mat, there's no denying that charging the Apple Watch is easy. Simply magnetically connect the charging device and the Apple Watch should charge. Unfortunately, it is largely expected that users will have to use this technology rather often, with the device not expected to last longer than a single day on a charge. While some suggest that most people will be fine with charging the device every day, it does make traveling and things like camping a little difficult.

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