Apple's Most Legendary Products That You May Have Forgotten

Apple Products

(Matthew Yohe | Wikimedia Commons)

For over 40 years, Apple has been the leading producer of consumer electronics. It revolutionized the way that we communicate with each other. Its innovations include personal computers, phones, tablets and even watches.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was instrumental in the creation of Apple's most popular products, as the entire company started in his family's garage. In the early years of Apple, Jobs spearheaded some of the company's most legendary products. And when he returned after being fired from his own company, he helped Apple create some of the most well-known gadgets today.

Apple's products have changed the entire world. Its personal computers proved that every day, people want to use technology. Its laptops were advanced when compared to its competitors, and its smartphones have become a necessity.

But for every iPhone or MacBook Air that it created, Apple also had plenty of flops. Does anyone remember Linda or Newton? Those two products, as well as others, nearly destroyed Apple. And when it comes to its success stories, does anyone remember some of its early computers such as the Apple II?

In case you may have forgotten about some of Apple's most important gadgets, here is a list of some of its best. Stroll down the memory lane and learn more about Apple and its most fascinating gadgets.

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