After being rumored for using the Google Cloud since 2016, Apple now confirms using it to store data. The revelation can be found in a sentence under the iCloud section in the latest version of the iOS Security Guide.

Apple also previously used Google's biggest competitors in the cloud storage.

Cloud Storage Wars

In the previous version of the iOS Security Guide that was released in March 2017, Apple said that it used Microsoft Azure. This year's version of the guide makes it clear that Apple has switched over to its iCloud services. 

"The encrypted chunks of the file are stored without any user-identifying information, using third-party storage services, such as S3 and Google Cloud Platform," the January 2018 Security Guide states.

At one point, Apple also used Amazon Web Services. Even though it was reported in 2016 that Google had won a contract with Apple for cloud computing services, this was the first time Apple acknowledged the previously reported deal.

This new security guide isn't clear on whether Apple is using Google for more than just storing photos and videos. It also doesn't make it clear exactly when the relationship began.

The wording also makes it seem like it could still use Microsoft Azure. It is simply giving a list of examples of third-party storage services that are used by Apple. It hasn't completely cut ties with Amazon as it is still using its S3 service.

Google Cloud Growth

Google is pushing to grow its cloud storage platform and take on its biggest rivals in the cloud storage market. In January, Google announced that it would be building three new undersea cables in order to connect to markets that are currently being underserved by the Google Cloud.

This brought Google's involvement to 11 undersea cables.

Google is still behind the market leader for cloud computing, which is Amazon Web Services. Amazon brings in $5 billion compared to Google's $1 billion. Microsoft sits in second place with its Azure.

Microsoft Azure cloud services have been growing as well, as more companies are seeking more storage space for files.

Google says that its growth can be attributed to its commitment to open source technologies.

Other companies that are also using Google Cloud include Snap, Niantic, PayPal, and Spotify. Google also posts case studies on the success of the Google Cloud Platform for the various businesses that use its services. 

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