Kids these days have it easy: back in their infancy, video games were all about confusion and brutal difficulty. On top of that, players weren't able to simply log onto the internet and figure out what to do. There were plenty of games that were akin to smacking one's head against a wall, so comparatively speaking, video games released today are nowhere near as difficult or confounding.

So, what happens when kids weened on Angry Birds and Call of Duty are presented with a game like Mega Man for the original Nintendo Entertainment System? Well, there's a lot of confusion, frustration and exploding robots.

At first, it's pretty painful: these kids are obviously unfamiliar with the game, but watching them walking into spikes (which are one-hit kills) or failing to notice that Mega Man has a gun is hard to watch. Of course, the odds were stacked against them: Bomb Man is one of the worst first levels to choose (always go with Cut Man), and the original Mega Man is notorious for being one of the most difficult games in the series.

Still, it's actually pretty cool to watch the frustration and confusion melt away into genuine fun. It's easy for people to assume that these kids will throw in the towel early, but most of them actually made it through the majority of the level and had a good time doing it.

The one kid sums it up perfectly: "Games today, it's just like - even the bosses aren't as hard as the first enemy on that level."

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