Grand Theft Auto V is still going strong after five years, mainly due to its GTA Online component, but rumors on the next installment in the series have continued to trickle in.

The latest rumors on Grand Theft Auto 6 revolve around the game's settings, protagonist, and release date. If the information is true, fans of the franchise will have a lot of things to get excited about, despite the long wait.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Returns To Vice City With Female Lead

According to an exclusive report by The Know, Grand Theft Auto 6 will bring back the series to Vice City, which is GTA's version of Miami or southern Florida. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, originally released in 2002, remains one of the most popular entries in the franchise due to its 1980's vibe.

However, in addition to Vice City, GTA 6 will also take players to South America for some of the game's missions. The two locations of GTA 6 are why the game is internally being referred to as Project Americas within developer Rockstar Games. This will be the first time in the Grand Theft Auto series that there will be locations set outside the United States.

In addition to the return to Vice City and the introduction of a second location, another GTA 6 rumor is that the upcoming game will be the first in the series to feature a female protagonist. It is unclear, however, if players will be able to switch between characters, just like in Grand Theft Auto V.

Rumors dating back to 2015 have already mentioned the possibility of a GTA 6 female protagonist, and Vice City has been mentioned as a possible setting for the next game in the series. It looks like a clearer picture of GTA 6 is starting to form, but until Rockstar Games makes an official announcement, all fans can do is speculate on what GTA 6 will be all about.

GTA 6 Release Date In 2022

Rockstar Games currently has its plate full, with the continuing development of Grand Theft Auto V's GTA Online and the upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption 2.

In January, Wall Street Journal video game analyst Michael Pachter said that the GTA 6 announcement may come as early as 2020 for a release date in 2021, but the most likely launch would be in 2022. The Know, meanwhile, claims that GTA 6 is currently aiming to be released in 2022, echoing Pachter's prediction.

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