Grand Theft Auto V Gets A Bunch Of New Content: Transform Races Mode, Dogfight, And More


Folks out there who are still enjoying Grand Theft Auto V should be pleased with this news: There's still a bunch of content Rockstar is adding to GTA Online "in the coming months," including new vehicles and modes, in addition to the much anticipated Transform Races.

This is certainly spectacular news for GTA V fans, because there'll be plenty of new stuff to play around with.

It's also quite rare for a developer to continue supporting a game that was released more than four years ago, but GTA V is not just a regular game. As of February this year, it has sold 75 million copies worldwide, but that number must be somewhere near 90 million or perhaps even 100 million by now. GTA V is a phenomenon, and the forthcoming updates just prove that Rockstar knows how to please its millions of fans globally.

Here's what is about to come:

Transform Races

Rockstar has confirmed that it's bringing Transform Races to GTA V soon, the next evolution to Stunt Racing. With Transform Races, players in GTA Online will be able to race between land, sea, and air all in one go. This is quite a unique spin on the multiplayer aspect of the game, especially since players will have to think of different types of vehicles in order to navigate different environments.

Transform Races will go live later this October. Rockstar hasn't given a specific rollout date, but did say all features of Transform Races will be made available for gamers who create custom courses in GTA Online.

"Jump instantly from the curves of a gritty, downtown street race straight into a speeding jet high above Los Santos, then dive face first down Raton Canyon on a jet ski and more," as Rockstar describes it.

New Adversary Modes Condemned And Dogfight Coming To 'GTA V'

There are two new Adversary modes arriving to GTA V, Condemned and Dogfight. Condemned is a free-for-all mode where one player has a death-timer over their head that they have to pass to another player before time runs out. Dogfight, meanwhile, puts players in an aerial PvP combat mode, which is perfect because of the game's wide selection of aircrafts. In line with this, Rockstar will also be adding a new Hunter attack helicopter, in addition to Coil Cyclone and Vigilante, two completely new road-type vehicles.

The developers have also mentioned that weaponized vehicles will be added later on, which is perfect for GTA V players who want more of a Mad Max-style combat experience in GTA Online.

Thrilled for the above mentioned updates? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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