Flash Of Light With Mysterious Boom Reported By Washington State Residents


Multiple residents of Grays Harbor County in Washington State witnessed a bright flash of light that came along with a mysterious boom and mild ground shaking last March 7. Could a meteorite or a rogue Chinese satellite have caused the strange event?

A Flash Of Light And A Mysterious Boom

On the evening of March 7th, the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management received numerous reports from residents of a bright flash of light in the sky that came with a mysterious boom. Some even reported that their homes shook when the mystery event happened.

Soon, Emergency Management contacted Seattle's National Weather Service and the FAA to inquire about the event and were told that at the time of the incident, there were no severe weather events, no earthquakes, and no reports of explosions or crashes.

What Could Have Caused The Mysterious Boom?

There are no confirmations yet as to the possible source of the event, but there are a few possibilities. For one, there were 15 reports of similar incidences to the American Meteor Society of similar events, leading to the possibility of it being caused by a bolide meteorite, which is a special type of fireball that explodes in a bright terminal flash toward the end.

Another possibility that some considered is that it might have been China's Tiangong-1 satellite, which is expected to crash into Earth anytime soon. However, the National Weather Service in Seattle has responded that this is quite unlikely, as the satellite isn't expected to reenter the atmosphere for a few more weeks.

Naturally, some social media comments suggest that it might have been caused by aliens, but the closest possibility so far is that the residents of Grays Harbor witnessed the explosion of a unique fireball.

Recent Mysterious Booms And Sky Anomalies

Last November, a mysterious boom baffled Colorado residents as the noise was so loud it reportedly shook some houses and windows. Just like in the incident in Grays Harbor, the FAA and the nearby Airforce Base were inactive when the incident happened, and it was also not related to an earthquake. At the time, the event was also linked to a possible bolide meteor, but no specific conclusions were made.

Just weeks prior, a meteor lit up the night sky in Finland so brightly that the surroundings seemingly turned to day for a few seconds. In the same week, there were major fireball sightings in the United States, France, and Germany within a span of just 10 hours.

What's causing all the sky activity? After the supposed first alien sighting of 2018 last January, UFO expert Pedro Ramirez stated that the aliens may have been increasingly monitoring our planet because of the increase in human space activity.

Then again, it's also possible that humans are seeing more than we have in the past simply because there are more people looking up than ever before.

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