Octopath Traveler Will Be Available For The Nintendo Switch On July 13


It looks like Nintendo does not plan to disappoint gamers this year as illustrated by its Direct presentation, which officially reveals the release date of Octopath Traveler.

The nostalgic Square Enix RPG is one of Switch's anticipated games since its announcement last year. The new footage introduces another two of the role-playing game's protagonists and their special abilities.

It further offered a brief preview of the game's job system during the stream, along with its worldwide release date scheduled on July 13. Also, a special edition will be available upon launch.

A New Trailer

During the game's segment of the Nintendo Direct stream, Masashi Takahashi, the title's director, discussed some of the interesting aspects of the RPG. He talked about the two heroes and the talents they can perform outside of battle, which is called "path actions."

A quick glimpse of the battle system also teased how players could combine different jobs to create unique attacks and more.

Additionally, Takahashi revealed the contents of the special edition. It comes with a soundtrack CD, a replica coin of the in-game currency, a cloth map, and a stylish pop-up book that provides a quick background story of each of the eight characters.

Getting To Know that Characters

The Octopath Traveler, as the title suggests, follows a group of eight heroes, who eventually come together as the story progresses. The latest Nintendo Direct stream introduced two more heroes who will join the adventure.

Square Enix describes Tressa as a merchant and her "path action" is called Purchase. It allows her to buy unique items from NPCs, which are not sold in shops. The next character is an apothecary named Alfyn, whose "path action" is Inquire. It enables him to talk to townsfolk and open new conversation options that reveal discounts, hidden items, and secret information.

About The Game

Square Enix intentionally developed Octopath Traveler with the unique visual design called "HD-2D," a mix of 2D sprites with 3D backgrounds. The development team led by Takahashi previously worked on Bravely Default, an RPG that came out for Nintendo 3DS.

Last year, a free demo of the game was made available for gamers, so they got a feel for its gameplay. It seems that the developer wants to capitalize on the nostalgic appeal of its previous titles on older consoles.

The Nintendo Direct presentation also surprised viewers with a Super Smash Bros. teaser for the Switch, which might include the inklings from Splatoon.

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