Interstellar, the new movie by master filmmaker Christopher Nolan, is a huge disappointment to some, but at the box office, the film is taking no names. The film has so far crossed the $100 million mark at the box office in the United States and earned over $600 million worldwide.

The film, which features Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Jessica Chastain, did not get the critical acclaim many were expecting, but despite that, it came away big at the box office and is looking to end its run within the realm of $700 million worldwide.

That is quite a lot, and we have the feeling that if critics had only seen a better movie in Interstellar, it would have smashed the $1 billion mark. However, things are going well so far, and it could even bring forth a sequel if Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures deem it fit.

We should point out that Interstellar was shown in IMAX theaters across the United States, and it is only the third film to cross the $100 million mark by showing in these theaters alone. The others are The Dark Knight Rises in 2012 and Gravity in early 2014.

What is Interstellar about?

It's a confusing movie, but we do know the story is about mankind being on the brink of extinction due to the change in the Earth's atmosphere. Mankind must now look to the stars to find a planet that is capable of life, but such a task is not easy.

McConaughey is the lead man who goes into space and leaves all his family behind.

On a certain planet, one hour there is around seven years on earth, so one should be able to get an idea how things turned out in the end.

We can say for sure that Interstellar is an interesting movie, but not the best. Nolan did a great job directing the film; it just fell short in terms of the plot.

Interstellar won't win any Oscars, but hey, it was a decent movie and that matters more than anything when compared to walking on stage and accepting an Oscar for best film.

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