Now that the Galaxy S9 is out of the way, Samsung redirects its focus on the Galaxy Note 9, which might release earlier than intended.

Several industry insiders have speculated that the South Korean company made the decision to move the phablet's launch earlier than usual. Sources noted that the sales numbers for the recently released flagship smartphone supposedly failed to meet its expectations. Tech experts reviewed the most recent model and concluded that it does not really innovate much compared to its predecessor. Therefore, consumers are reportedly hesitant to invest now and prefer to wait for the next model instead.

Analysts Offer Their Opinions

A recent report from its home country even confirms that buyers opted to stick around with their Galaxy S8 or Note 8 units. Surprisingly, the younger users supposedly displayed an entirely different buying pattern this year. Surveys conducted showed that the target demographics shied away from the premium-tier smartphones and opted for value-centric midrange models this time around.

Others attributed the poor sales to the lack of a wow factor, which was apparent during the months before the company officially unveiled the device during the 2018 MWC in Barcelona, Spain. Several made their way online, which took away any kind of surprise elements the manufacturer planned to reveal during the show.

Suspected Improvements

It seems that Samsung has a lot of work in its hands to deliver something new with the Galaxy Note 9. For starters, The Investor, claims that rumors about an under-display biometric sensor are not true. This is something that might disappoint a lot of its fans. Currently, Vivo flaunts the honor of being the first smartphone maker to use the new fingerprint sensor technology by Synaptics.

Company insiders likewise revealed that the upcoming phablet with come with a bigger screen. It is unclear if this means a bigger chassis, or even smaller bezels, which is possible given the capabilities of its manufacturing arm. It is estimated to sport a 6.38-inch display, which makes it a little bit larger than the 6.32-inch touchscreen of the Galaxy Note 8.

Expected Availability

Given the information collected form insiders, consumers might see the release of the Galaxy Note 9 earlier than expected. It was discovered that the OLED panels intended for the new smartphone model will start its production in April. Samsung normally kicks off manufacturing around June, which allocates at least two months before it releases the new units.

This means that the Note 9 could be on store shelves as early as June or as late as August, which clearly places it ahead of Apple and its annual September reveal schedule.

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