Samsung has been trying to launch an in-display fingerprint scanner for about a year now, but it appears that the feature will still not be included in the Galaxy Note 9.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has not yet even released, but there are already reports on Galaxy Note 9 features. In addition, the information comes from an unlikely, but reliable, source.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Will Not Have In-Display Fingerprint Reader

In a note written by KGI's Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst claimed that Samsung will still not have its in-display fingerprint reader technology in the Galaxy Note 9, despite previous reports that the feature will finally be ready for the company's next flagship smartphone.

For those who think Kuo's name is familiar, that is because he is one of the most reliable sources of information in the smartphone industry. However, he is better known for his notes on products by Apple, not Samsung.

In any case, Kuo said that technical issues remain with the feature, including incompatibility with screen protectors and inconsistency on recognition rates and power consumption depending on the environment. As they stand, in-display fingerprint scanners are currently inferior to traditional fingerprint readers in smartphones,

Kuo still believes in the importance of such systems for all-screen smartphone designs to do away with the awkwardness of fingerprint readers at the back of devices. However, the delay of the arrival of in-display fingerprint scanners in Samsung smartphones further disrupts the commercialization of the technology. Vivo was the first company to launch a smartphone with an in-display fingerprint scanner, but the system failed Samsung's standards on accuracy, speed, and security.

Kuo now expects mass market adoption of the technology to happen by the first half of next year, just in time for the expected launch of the Galaxy S10.

History Of Samsung In-Display Fingerprint Reader

Samsung first tried to mount the fingerprint reader in the Galaxy S8, but the company said that it ran out of time in developing the technology to make it work properly. The company tried again with the Galaxy Note 8, but failed due to brightness issues on the parts of the screen where the sensors were placed.

The feature was once again missing in the Galaxy S9, and it was suggested that the technology will finally launch on the Galaxy Note 9. However, with in-display fingerprint scanners reportedly not part of Samsung's plans for the Galaxy Note 9, what else can users do but hope that the feature will finally be included in the Galaxy S10.

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