T-Mobile's Sidekicks Is Making A Comeback (For April Fool's Day)


As April Fool's Day is fast approaching, tech companies scramble with new ways to tease and delight their consumers with new offerings. T-Mobile takes the Sidekicks and showcases its features.

Those who expected a new version of the Un-carrier's iconic mobile device should prepare themselves to be delighted and disappointed at the same time.

The company teased everyone with a new slogan that says "step into something amazing." Apparently, it refers to its new product, dubbed as the world's first Smartshoephone. The outrageous product comes with a parody commercial that stars John Legere, the company's CEO himself.

Actual Product

Curious consumers will be glad to know that although there's a clear indication the product is make-believe, it is actually available for sale on the carrier's online shop. It goes for $65 and comes with features like a stylish design with the familiar magenta color scheme. However, caveats include the lack of all the functions flaunted in the commercial.

The canvas and rubber shoes are currently in preorder status and are expected to ship out to buyers this May. People who want to own a humorous piece of the Un-carrier 2018 prank only have until April 15 to place their orders.

Amazing Features

The company really went out of the way to come up with a product that is so unbelievable but also makes it memorable. The original T-Mobile Sidekicks was quite popular for its collection of features that are deemed revolutionary for its time. Now, the new Sidekicks are prepared to introduce the Smartshoephone to the public.

Based on the official announcement, the product comes with elements that will be nostalgic for users of the original device. The commercial shows the footwear comes with a slide-out screen, Toe Tap contact share, and other features.

Additional interesting features include the touch-screen soles that appear to be a problem since users have to take the shoe off. Another one is called Sole Speakers, turning one shoe into a wireless speaker that can sync with other Sidekicks. The shoelaces also function as retractable earbuds and can be used to charge the device.

Other Notable Highlights

Just like most smart-enabled products, the new T-Mobile Sidekicks comes with what the company calls a no-BS voice assistant. Legere provides the voice and tells it as it is when it comes to weather, traffic, and food recipes.

The product appears to be so popular that the footage reveals all of the offered units are already sold out. It leaves consumers with the regular magenta shoes that are a poor replica of the Smartshoephone for April Fool's Day.

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