The Condom Challenge is the latest stupid internet craze that is sweeping through teens on social media, and unfortunately, it is not an April Fool's Day joke.

The activity is both crazy and dangerous, and it might just defeat all the so-called challenges that bored teens have attempted in the past.

The Condom Challenge: Here's What It Means

Earlier this year, bored teens tried the Tide Pod Challenge. It required them to eat Tide Pods, which are small pods containing laundry detergent that looked like candy due to their colors. It goes without saying that the Tide Pods were not meant to be eaten, but teens did it anyway despite the risks.

Just when you thought things could not get any worse, here comes the Condom Challenge, also known as the Condom Snorting Challenge.

The Condom Challenge requires you to inhale a condom up your nostril, and then pull it through your throat and out your mouth. The attempt, of course, would be recorded on video, to show the world through social media.

While the challenge is making a comeback, it has actually been around for a while. Savannah Strong was one of the first people to go viral with the Condom Challenge back in 2013, but her video has since been taken down on YouTube. Searches through the video-sharing website, however, reveal similar attempts at the Condom Challenge as far back as 2007.

The videos showing teens attempting the Condom Challenge are cringe worthy. If you still want to watch one, a simple search on YouTube will give you lots of options to choose from, but you have been warned.

The Dangers Of The Condom Challenge

It should go without saying that the Condom Challenge poses a lot of danger to teens who would try it. However, it appears that there is a need to spell things out.

The only thing that people should inhale up their nose is air — objects made of latex rubber and coated with spermicide and lubricant are not on that list. Snorting condoms through the nose and out the mouth risks damaging the sensitive inner lining of the nose, and opens up possibilities of allergic reactions and infections. There is also the very real danger of having the condom get stuck in your nose or throat.

Is attempting the condom challenge, with all the dangers it presents, worth it for a few shares and likes? Unfortunately for some teens, the answer is yes. The question now: what comes next after tide pods and condoms?

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