Tech companies deliver some of the greatest April Fool's Day content. Lexus presents Genetic Select, a car that starts by licking the steering wheel.

According to the carmaker, the new fleet of vehicles will be available on April 1 at all showrooms. Its new technology is reportedly made possible through a partnership with 23andMe, Incorporated, a company that supposedly specializes in personal genetics.

Based on the information provided by the manufacturer, buyers can now customize their cars based on their DNA and matches everything that the user needs in a vehicle.

Getting Started

To showcase how the company delivers its new product, a short demonstration video was uploaded on YouTube, giving consumers a glimpse of the customization process. The trailer highlights that an appointment typically lasts 10 minutes as qualified staff collects the necessary requirements to process the order.

Moreover, it's pointed out that documentation, questions, and signatures are no longer required since everything they need can be taken from a saliva sample provided by the customer. Everything is then sent off to folks at 23andMe to analyze and test the DNA sequence.

After 48 hours, the company delivers the perfectly-customized product directly to the owner's driveway.

Getting More Than What Is Expected

The Genetic Select approach to vehicle customization can be considered as a big advancement for both transportation and genetic technology. The brand is known for the quality and experience it delivers to its customers.

"Lexus has always obsessed over crafting and individual experience for customers, both in selecting their vehicle, as well as in the ownership process," shared Cooper Ericksen, vice president of Marketing for Lexus. "Exceeding customers' expectations is in the Lexus DNA. Now, we're taking it to the next level by tapping into our customers' DNA, too."

Tailor-Made For The Buyer

Licking the steering wheel to start the new Lexus Genetic Select is just one of its exciting features. Just like how the manufacturer promised, everything included in the vehicle is based on what the customer wants and needs.

With the help of the bright minds in 23andMe, Incorporated, the product arrives in the exact trim the owner will ever need. Some of the examples given claims that buyers who are not genetically-prone to bald spots will get a configuration that come with a sunroof.

The video also shows that even the new car smell will be customized to whatever scent the owner loves as the car uses the owner's DNA sequence to match everything it comes with.

"It will be impossible to tell where the driver ends and where the car begins," reads the press release.

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