T-Mobile CEO John Legere Zings Competitors, Wireless Industry


T-Mobile CEO John Legere didn't just debut his telecom's latest plan, the Data Stash program, this week at Uncarrier 8.0. In typical Legere fashion the fiesty leader doled out a healthy dose of soundbites, ranting a bit on competitors as he is inclined to do when he has the opportunity.

For anyone who missed the "business" portion of Uncarrier 8.0, the new plan gives users the ability to rollover data into a subscriber's Data Stash, which can be accessed for those months in which the individual consumes their monthly allotment of data. The rollover plan is available to Simple Choice customers who have bought additional 4G LTE data, a plan that includes at least 3 GB of data or 1 GB on tablets.

And yes, the introduction of T-Mobile's Data Stash sent a flock of retweets into the air but not nearly as many as Legere's memorable slogans and quips.

Here they are. We'll start with the more mild proclamations:

That Data Is Yours

Consumers pay for a set amount of data each month, but many also overpay for every megabyte they fail to use with each 30-day term. Those who use more data than their plan offered are pitched into the $1.5 billion in overages the wireless industry made in 2013, according to Legere.

"Can you imagine your gas station siphoning unused gas from your car each month? The U.S. wireless industry is even worse," Legere said.

We're Keeping Them Honest

With its market share swelling from an 11 percent hold to a 17 percent stake, Legere said T-Mobile is getting the right kind of attention from AT&T and Verizon. AT&T didn't care when the iPhone launch overwhelmed its network, but the rise of T-Mobile is making them care now, Legere claims.

"They weren't ready and they didn't care," said Legere. "I take great pleasure in their change in behavior, seriously. The investment that's taking place by those guys in their network is because they're chasing our speeds."

If I Was AT&T Or Verizon My Pants Would Be Soiled

Approximately 260 million T-Mobile customers have access to 4G LTE, with 10 million added in the last month or so, Legere says. Just two years ago, zero had access to it.

"We're are the fastest 4G LTE network in the U.S. -- nobody is arguing," Legere said. "In fact, AT&T even created a new word [replacing fastest], 'we're the strongest [LTE network].' I'm not going to use the 'f' word today, but if i could, i would stick that right in there."

Federal Regulators Would Be Supportive Of Our "Uncarrier Moves" 

Each of T-Mobile's uncarrier moves -- disruptive programs like Data Stash -- would receive the support of federal regulators, if AT&T or Verizon attempted to block the initiatives, Legere claims. The uncarrier moves are great for the American people and are actions that Washington would stand behind, he believes.

"I'm the CEO of T-mobile, my employees's average age is 28, my customers are cool and young and we're taking over," said Legere.

"[AT&T CEO] Randall Stephenson is the chairman of the business roundtable. That's like a bunch of guys with those microphones when you politely say s--t to each other and you cut backroom deals. I'm not playing that game. And I'm sure, from a Washington standpoint, that what I'm doing [is] for the industry good."

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