Acer Unveils $899 All-In-One Aspire S24 With Above-Average Specs Plus Built-In Qi Wireless Charger


The new Acer Aspire S24 comes with an Intel Kaby Lake i5 processor, 12 GB of RAM, 1 TB of storage, and more for just $899.

Acer claims it's the thinnest all-in-one desktop computer in its lineup yet. The Full HD screen measures 23.8 inches and features only 0.106-inch bezels to give customers more screen and less frame. There are two 2-Watt 2.1 channel speakers included, complete with a subwoofer design enhanced with Acer TrueHarmony and Dolby Audio Premium.

Acer Aspire S24 Features A Qi Wireless Charger

A built-in Qi wireless charging port is a surprising addition to the otherwise standard all-in-one, a feature rarely, if ever at all, seen on this line of desktop computers. Most premium-tier phones released over the last couple of years feature wireless charging, but this should prove a useful addition even for those who might not have Qi wireless charging-capable phones, since an adapter is relatively inexpensive and can be found practically anywhere.

In terms of connectivity, the Aspire 24 features an arsenal of ports, from a handful of USB ports to a USB Type-C port to an HDMI display port to a Gigabit Ethernet port. It even has a built-in SD card reader, which should be a great addition for all the photographers out there.

Let's get back to the screen. According to Acer, it designed the display for easy tilting between various angles using only one hand, which should make adjusting the screen less cumbersome. There's also BluelightShield technology built in, plus Flickerless technology, and ExaColor, which is supposed to increase color and saturation.

"We think customers in the United States will be delighted with the elegant aesthetics and convenient feature set of our newest all-in-one desktop," said Frank Chang, the company's senior director for stationary products. "The ultra-slim form factor and wireless charging free up desk space, while ample power delivers smooth performance."

Acer Aspire S24

At that price, the Aspire S24 doesn't pretend it's got the specs for gaming, nor does it pretend that it's apt for customers who have exhaustive workstations and power demands, like a video editor or a graphic designer. Still, it's a pretty decent all-in-one desktop computer with more-than-decent specs, and the price is really tough to beat. The RAM can be upgraded to 32 GB, but there's unfortunately no option to add a discrete GPU, which might be a huge letdown for some.

Find out more on Acer's Aspire S24 website. It will be available sometime "this month," says the company.

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