'Pokémon GO' Earth Day Cleanup Event Will Reward Players For Helping Save The World


Niantic Labs has teamed up with conservation organization Mission Blue for the Pokémon GO Earth Day Cleanup, which will reward players for helping save the world.

Pokémon GO players may have heard bad things, or unfortunately have bad memories, of real-world Pokémon GO events. However, the Earth Day event of the mobile game is for a good cause, so players might want to set their concerns aside at least just for that day.

'Pokémon GO' Earth Day Cleanup: How To Sign Up

Earth Day is celebrated every April 22, and Niantic Labs has something special planned for the annual event.

Through a partnership with Mission Blue, Niantic Labs will roll out the Pokémon GO Earth Day Cleanup, a real-world event that will reward players who help save the world by picking up trash.

To participate in an Earth Day Cleanup event, Pokémon GO players can sign up through the dedicated page on the mobile game's official website. A total of 37 events across 12 countries are listed on the website, but players may request for more cleanup events in their area and suggest more locations. They can send details to Niantic Labs, who will then try to talk to a local NGO partner to set something up. The list of cleanup events will be finalized on April 18.

By participating in the Pokémon GO Earth Day Cleanup event, players will not only feel a bit better inside for dedicating a couple of hours to Mother Earth. Niantic Labs is also offering rewards in the form of more stardust for 48 hours, which will get better if more people sign up for the events. If 1,500 Pokémon GO players participate, stardust will double for catching Ground, Water, and Grass Pokémon, and if the number of participants reaches 3,000 Pokémon GO players, stardust will instead be tripled.

Will 'Pokémon GO' Earth Day Cleanup Fail Like 'Pokémon GO' Fest?

Niantic Labs is likely hoping that the Pokémon GO Earth Day Cleanup events will not turn out like the Pokémon GO Fest disaster, which was held in Chicago in July last year. Niantic Labs recently agreed to settle a class action lawsuit over the mishap by paying $1.6 million to attendees.

It is hard to think, however, that there will be a similar problem with Pokémon GO Earth Day Cleanup. There will be no in-game events during the cleanups, and the rewards will be unlocked afterward, which means Pokémon GO players will not have to worry about connectivity issues.

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