The first mention of Google's forthcoming Pixel 3 flagship just dropped via a code commit on its Android Open Source Project pages, confirming that the company is indeed planning to release a sequel to its current Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL handsets.

Not only that, but there might also be a feature that will work exclusively on the Pixel 3.

Spotted by XDA Developers, the code commit states that:

"Cherrypick 'Add device config to decide which Auto Selection Network UI to use,'" and that "This change added the config because the HAL V_1_2 only supports Pixel 3, and the new Auto Selection Network UI is based on HAL V_1_2."

In this case, HAL actually refers to Hardware Abstraction Layer, a piece of software that bridges the gap between Android and the hardware. The HAL referenced in the code is cellular connectivity in particular, and it's kind of interesting to see that it only works on the Pixel 3. Perhaps the phone will include radio and connectivity features not found on the previous Pixel handsets?

Faster Network Scans?

Another likely prediction comes also from XDA Developers, which claims that the new HAL is solely there to allow for continuous updates within the "scan networks" feature in mobile network settings. It's likely that the new HAL makes network scanning results show up faster than they do currently.

All the same, this just basically means we've got confirmation that Pixel 3 is coming. Not that there was ever any doubt about sequels to the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Google is really killing with its phones, aside from a few hiccups here and there. It's only natural that a follow-up would be due.

Google announced the first Pixel phone in October 2016, then the Pixel 2 in the same month the following year. It's highly likely that the Pixel 3 would get announced this coming October, perhaps alongside redesigned Google Home smart speakers, or even a new Chromecast, or maybe also a 4K Chromebook.

Google Pixel 3 Rumors

As for the Pixel 3 itself, not much information has come out, but it was reported recently that Google is planning to develop and release a mid-range Pixel 3 model for developing markets, given that its Pixel line is in the premium category.

Details about specs, design, specific upgrades over its would-be predecessor, are nil. But make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more!

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