Deckard Cain, the talkative storyteller from the Diablo franchise, will soon join Heroes of the Storm as a playable character. Yes, seriously.

Blizzard has certainly been busy with its stable of games, including Overwatch, StarCraft, and World of Warcraft. However, Heroes of the Storm is not being left behind, with Deckard Cain being the fourth new character to join the game's roster this year.

Deckard Cain To Join 'Heroes Of The Storm'

In an interview in November 2016, Nathan LaMusga, character designer for Heroes of the Storm, said that he loved reading the hero designs submitted by players on the game's official forums and on Reddit. Deckard Cain, the elderly scholar from the Diablo franchise best remembered for his catchphrase "Stay a while and listen," was one of the most requested characters for the game.

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA that features characters from Blizzard's many properties. Redditors had fun thinking of skills that will fit Deckard Cain, but it was unlikely that the old man will actually become a playable character in a game that will have him fight alongside the likes of Overwatch agents, StarCraft soldiers, and Warcraft legends.

Surprise! Deckard Cain will soon be added to the Heroes of the Storm roster after going through the Public Test Realm in the near future.

Deckard Cain Skills, Including One That Puts Opponents To Sleep

Deckard Cain will be a support character in Heroes of the Storm, with skills that will both help allies and cripple enemies.

Deckard Cain will come with a trait named Fortitude of the Faithful, which gives him 10 Armor and recharges his basic skills faster by 50 percent whenever he is near an ally. The old man's Primary Abilities are Healing Potion, which places potions on the ground that allies can pick up to heal themselves; Horadric Cube, which damages and slows down enemies; and Scroll of Sealing, which damages and roots enemies within an area.

For his Heroic Abilities, Stay a While and Listen places all enemies in front of him to sleep, and they will only wake up once they are dealt damage. Deckard Cain also has Lorenado, which creates a vortex of books that damages and knocks back enemies.

There is currently no specific date on when Deckard Cain will be released to Heroes of the Storm, though the estimate would be sometime this month. Diablo fans are likely itching to get into the sandals of the old man, especially those who are waiting for Diablo III for Nintendo Switch.

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