This 'Lord of the Rings' Let It Go' Parody Is Precious


What happens when you mash up Disney's Frozen with The Lord Of The Rings? You get an awesome video, that's what.

The Hillywood Show is at it again with this amazing parody video that almost makes us wish The Lord Of The Rings was a musical.

In this video, follow our favorite hobbits, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee, as they adventure to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring. In the video, Samwise sings to Frodo that when it comes to the ring, he should just "Let It Go."

That's right, this is the one parody to rule them all.

The Hillywood Show features the Internet sensation sister duo of Hilly and Hannah Hindi. Together, they've created some of the best song and dance parodies on the Internet by tapping into geek culture, covering everything from Doctor Who to Harry Potter to The Walking Dead. Fans of their videos know that each video offers top production values, costumes, makeup and acting.

The duo became famous when their Twilight parody went viral, even getting the attention of Catherine Hardwicke, the director of the Twilight movie.

"The Hillywood Show was awesome!" writes Hardwicke, who also directed The Lords of Dogtown. "From the sets to the costumes and even the angles! "

The Hillywood Show currently has over 600,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel, so it's obvious that their fans agree.

In this new parody video, Hilly stars as Samwise, with Hannah playing Frodo. The singing, though, is courtesy of Andrew Bates and Brian Hall. The video was executive produced by Nerdist Industries.

In an interesting side note, Hilly Hindi won a trip to New Zealand in 2003 where she attended the premiere of The Return Of The King and interviewed the cast and crew of the film. That experience inspired her to continue making films and in 2006, she and her sister started The Hillywood show.

If you're interested in learning more about the making of The Lord Of The Rings "Let It Go" parody, The Hillywood show also released a behind-the-scenes video. A Samwise Gamgee diary video is in the works.

[Photo Credit: The Hillywood Show]

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