OnePlus 6 Official Teaser Shows Off The Upcoming Flagship


OnePlus takes consumers by surprise with another teaser image of the OnePlus 6 on Twitter. The photo apparently flaunts a new button placement.

Earlier this month, the public got the first teaser of the upcoming 2018 flagship from the smartphone manufacturer. The short video, which is considerably vague, boasted the slogan "the speed you need," suggesting a notable upgrade for the new handset.

This time, however, the new image posted on social media can easily be overlooked as a photo of the OnePlus 5T only.

Hidden In Plain Sight

A quick look at the image does not really highlight anything related to the company's latest flagship. However, upon closer inspection, it reveals that there are actually two smartphones in the picture. The manufacturer has cleverly positioned both devices in a dimly lit glossy surface so that the one at the bottom appears as a reflection of the unit on top.

A more close-up view of the image unravels a few notable changes made on the upcoming device that will make it stand out from its previous models.

A Little Tweak Here And There

Eagle-eyed observers immediately pointed out that the OnePlus 6 no longer has its alert slider on the left side of its frame. It is not officially confirmed but it might have been presumably moved somewhere on the right flank instead. Furthermore, what was once the location of the alert slider is now populated by what seems to be the SIM tray, which is marked by the outline and ejector pinhole. Another noticeable change is that the curved edges of its predecessor are now replaced with what appears to be a more grip-friendly design. Some reports even pointed out that the frame uses a different color tone from the rear panel. This suggests that the 2018 flagship will sport a scratch-resistant glass back cover that was previously rumored in earlier reports.

Previously Revealed Information

As the two teasers for the OnePlus 6 have surfaced on Twitter, sources have listed some of the hardware it will possibly come with. The upcoming flagship is reportedly powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC accompanied by an 8 GB RAM.

Moreover, it will be the first model that will have three storage sizes available upon release. Internal storage options will reportedly start from 64 GB for the base model and 256 GB for the top-tier option. A 128 GB variant will sit nicely in between the two aforementioned options.

The company is speculated to reveal everything early in May and its availability will follow soon after its official unveiling.

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