Since the release of the Jurassic World trailer, which featured Chris Pratt driving a motorcycle alongside a pack raptors, fans have been wondering -- why didn't those raptors attack Pratt? After all, raptors have been one of the most vicious dinosaurs throughout the Jurassic Park films. Unlike the T-Rex, raptors were scary not for their size but for their intelligence and speed. They could think, plan and ambush.

They've done plenty of that over the course of three Jurassic Park films. So why are they so friendly all of a sudden? We know Pratt plays some kind of dinosaur trainer or expert in the film, and we know Jurassic Park treats raptors like the dolphins of the dinosaur world. Is it possible he's trained this pack of raptors to not eat him and do his bidding?

Speculation ran rampant. So it looks like Jurassic World director Colin Tevorrow has decided to pour even more fuel on the fire with this holiday tweet.

"Do not try this at home." What is that supposed to mean? Could it be translated as "Don't train wild raptors at home?" It's, of course, perfectly possible that Trevorrow simply decided a picture of Pratt posing with one of the animatronic raptors used in the film would make a cool promotional image. Just because he chose this picture doesn't mean he is confirming fan theories that Pratt's character is some kind of dinosaur tamer.

But it totally could. Will Pratt and his raptor pack come to the rescue to bring down the genetically modified super-dinosaur hinted at in the trailer? We can only hope.

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