Overwatch Could Get Progression Sharing Between Xbox One, PS4, And PC


Overwatch has a huge player base across different platforms, and some of those have more than one platform to play it on.

However, the player's progress is not transferable to another platform. Players will not be able to pick up in PC from where they left off in Xbox One, for example. Apparently, this problem is big enough that the developers have thought about enabling cross-sharing between PC and console.

"It's something we would very like to explore," said Jeff Kaplan, Blizzard's lead designer on Overwatch.

"It's very challenging for many reasons, and I won't get into all the details as to why, but I think it's a very valid desire that our players have and it's something that the Overwatch team would love to figure out."

Kaplan did not share when the Overwatch feature could be coming nor did he promise that it will be arriving at all. He did say, though, that they will continue to work on it and make it happen if they can find a way to overcome the challenges of getting cross-sharing to work.

If it does happen, it will benefit players who won't have to level up different accounts anymore. It should also allow the transfer of items, such as loot and skins, from PC to console.

Overwatch Retribution Springtime Event Is Here

Meanwhile, Overwatch's Retribution spring event is in full swing. The awaited follow-up to Uprising pits players in a PvE survival battle in the new map Rialto. Players will choose to play as Genji, McCree, Moira, and Gabriel Reyes - who would become Reaper - in a Blackwatch mission to retrieve a Talon member.

Retribution takes the players eight years before the events of Overwatch and a year before the Uprising in Venice, Italy. According to Kaplan, the story was chosen to give players a deeper look into the character Reaper, who might have appeared as one-dimensional in some animated shorts. The development team also wanted to show more about Talon and its motivations, what the organization is about, and how it is structured.

Overwatch Archives Missions Might Move Story Forward

The Retribution and Uprising springtime events represent some pivotal moments in the Overwatch Archives, which is meant to give players a new perspective on the events leading up to the fall of Overwatch.

The two events thus far are set in the past, but Kaplan acknowledged the players' requests to have Archives push the storyline forward. The team will still see how Retribution goes, but he says that they are listening closely to the feedback.

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