New 'Overwatch' Feature Will Let You Choose Players To Avoid As Teammates


The toxicity problem in Overwatch is one of the most pressing issues in the multiplayer shooter.

Apparently, a new feature currently being tested will look to provide a better experience away from troublesome players.

The toxicity in Overwatch was unfortunately showcased in the Overwatch League when a Dallas Fuel player was suspended and then eventually dismissed. Blizzard, meanwhile, is still looking for possible solutions, including with the new Avoid as Teammate feature.

Overwatch 'Avoid As Teammate' Option Coming Soon

In the latest Overwatch Developer Update, Jeff Kaplan, the game director, unveiled and explained the new Avoid as Teammate feature.

The Avoid as Teammate option will appear on the profiles of other players of Overwatch. If gamers activate the feature to avoid a certain player, they will never be placed on the same team as that player. They may still see that player in matches but on the opposing team.

Overwatch players can place up to two other players on the Avoid as Teammate list. They will remain on that list for seven days, after which, they will be automatically removed.

The Avoid as Teammate feature is specifically designed for situations when players are frustrated with the actions of other players but are not bad enough to be categorized as an offense that should be forwarded to Overwatch reporting system.

Example of these kinds of players who will likely often be placed on the Avoid as Teammate list are the ones insisting on using one hero for an entire match despite the team's changing needs. There are also those who purposely get themselves killed or give unfair advantages to opponents.

Once the Avoid as Teammate feature is rolled out, players may find themselves in longer matchmaking queues as the system takes into account the teammates that should be avoided. However, the wait will likely be worse for players who are not good teammates.

Currently, the feature only allows up to two players on its list, but Kaplan noted that the development team is open to increasing that number in the future.

Incoming 'Overwatch' Buffs And Nerfs

In addition to the Avoid as Teammate feature, other things being tested on the Overwatch PTR are buffs and nerfs for a few heroes.

Mei will receive a buff that allows her Endothermic Blaster to pierce through enemies, which will make her attacks more effective against groups.

Reaper, meanwhile, will have his Hellfire Shotguns reloaded after using the ultimate Death Blossom. Also, his Wraith Form skill will receive an increased speed bonus from 25 percent to 50 percent, with the choice to cancel it early.

D.Va, however, will see the explosive damage of her Micro Missiles skill reduced from 6 to 4, while the secondary fire rate of Zenyatta's Orb of Destruction will be reduced by 15 percent.

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