When will humans finally understand? Why should cats learn to live with humans? Humans ought to learn to live with them. Their house isn't really their house -- it's their cats' house. The little furballs merely tolerate the presence of humans in it, as long as the humans keep the dish filled and the litter box clean.

What happens then when these humans decide to put up a fully decorated Christmas tree in the family room? (Once again, we remind you that it is, always has been, and always will be the cats' room.) If your cat is any of these holiday-disapproving felines, absolute and utter chaos awaits.

Cat memes and videos have always been an Internet staple. During this time of year, videos of cats going bonkers over Christmas trees and decorations seem to be part of the season.

Tastefully Offensive has compiled a video montage of cats attacking their Christmas trees. Behold the spectacle of cats going full-on assault mode on tinsel, shiny gold boxes, ribbons, ornaments, stockings and multi-colored flashing lights. Massive Christmas trees are just so offensive to these kitties that they must do everything in their power to show them who's the boss of the household.

No Christmas decor is spared by these holiday-hating kitties, but their humans don't seem to mind as they spread the laughter and hilarity in the videos that have gone viral.

Next time you think of meticulously putting up your holiday decor and you live in a home with a cat lurking about, just remember to get your feline overlord's approval first, or expect all those hours of designing, planning and putting up those mistletoes to go down. That tree, wreath, pretty bow, and those sparkles and glitter will all be reduced to shreds.

And that's exactly the way the cats like it.

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