Apple Is Planning To Launch A News Subscription Service


Apple Inc. is working on the way to disrupt the news industry by preparing to launch a new premium service.

Apple News Now!

Bloomberg has reported that the Cupertino, California-based company is expanding its reach into the news industry by using the recently acquired Texture. Up until Apple purchased the app, Texture allowed its subscribers to have access to 200 publications in exchange for $9.99 a month. Insiders close to the company stated that Apple already eliminated 20 positions from the acquired app and have already started to fold the remaining Texture employees into Apple News.

The Apple News Update

The business news outlet added that the relaunched Apple News app is expected to revive with this critical update sometime next year with a premium service offering. While the technology company has not revealed any definitive information regarding how much the service would cost Apple customers, it is expected that the company would give back a portion of the revenue toward publications and their respective companies.

Apple Developments

The news of plans that Apple is interested in starting a news subscription service comes one day after it was revealed that Philo was heading to Apple TV. Philo will cost potential users $16 a month, and it would not allow people to get news and sports. However, Philo would let its customers catch content from various cable services including AMC, Discovery, and Nickelodeon.

In addition to acquiring Philo and Texture, it has been revealed Apple has a low tolerance for leakers. In a Bloomberg report, Apple caught 29 employees leaking information regarding company product. Only 12 of the 29 employees were arrested.

There have also been reports that the Apple HomePod is a flop with consumers. Sales have been lagging to the fact that it will not work with Android phones. Users also claim that Siri is not as reliable as Google Assistant for Home and Alexa for Amazon Echo when it comes from assisting the user. Also, while Apple HomePod users can access their Apple Music with HomePod, they will not be able to access Spotify on the device.

Do You Remember, Newsstand?

Before Apple Inc. established Apple News and acquired Texture, the software company had a platform called Newsstand. iOS users were able to access magazines and newspapers in a digital library. However, users had to separately purchase subscriptions from their favorite media outlets if they wanted to continue using it. Wired Magazine reported that Apple discontinued using Newsstand in 2015.

Tech Times reached out to Apple Inc. for a comment.

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