Recent reports claim Samsung Galaxy S9 sales have been underwhelming. It's not hard to imagine why, if true. Though an excellent phone in and of itself, it's hard to justify making the jump from Galaxy S8 to Galaxy S9 because aside from a new variable aperture camera, what else changed, really?

No surprise, then, that Samsung is apparently done with the design of the next Galaxy S-series phone. "Galaxy S10" is just a placeholder name for this handset in question, as some reports suggest the company might abandon the number scheme going forward. Some even speculate that the rumored foldable Galaxy X handset and Galaxy S10 are one and the same — but no dice. They're not. At least according to new rumors, that is.

Galaxy S10 Improvements

The Galaxy S10 is getting some pretty nice upgrades over the Galaxy S9, but no drastic changes in the design department, sadly. That's not to say the Galaxy S9 has a bad design. It doesn't. In fact, it's one of the nicest looking phones out there. Problem is, things move so fast in the smartphone world that some aspects get pretty tiring after a year or so. Still, one can't complain about the gorgeous Infinity Display, which will continue on with the Galaxy S10, reports South Korean publication The Bell.

Like its predecessors, the phone will have standard and "Plus" models, reportedly sporting slightly bigger displays than the Galaxy S9 — 5.8 inches for the base variant, 6.3 inches for the Plus version. The display design apparently has been finalized and is headed for panel production this November.

3D Camera And In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

Aside from bigger display, the phone will also get a couple of new exciting features, one of which is reportedly a 3D-sensing camera that'll sit on the front of the device a la Face ID on iPhone X. This will allow Samsung to boost the security performance of the phone. Whether Samsung plans to adapt a notch design for this remains undetermined, however.

Another important feature involves the fingerprint scanner, which, instead of sitting on the back of the device, will be mounted under the display, according to the report. In-display fingerprint scanners were first introduced by Vivo and Synaptics. They'll most likely appear in flagships from 2018 onward.

Samsung is allegedly working with Qualcomm, Aegis Tech, and Synaptics for the fingerprint technology, while Mantis Vision and Woodgate reportedly are its partners for the 3D camera components.

Other crucial details such as processor, memory, storage, and camera are yet to be determined.

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