A young boy in Colorado was made a member of the Colorado Springs Police Department at the tender age of 4. Joshua Salmoiraghi was sworn into the department on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, in full police uniform.

Joshua's Journey

Joshua is currently battling Stage IV Kidney Cancer which he was diagnosed with when he was three years old. Joshua's diagnosis was revealed on Father's Day Weekend in 2017 after doctors found a tumor in his left kidney.  After the 4-year-old underwent intensive surgery to remove the 11 cm tumor, he received chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

The doctors declared him in remission, however, another tumor was found in his left lung in January 2018. The doctors have stated that Joshua will begin a six-month treatment at Aurora Children's Hospital. This new treatment is said to be more aggressive and rigorous than his previous one and will be very strenuous on Joshua.

Joshua The Police Officer 

The ceremony was filled with doughnuts and fun for the new police officer. Joshua's father, Joseph, told Fox News that though Joshua wasn't understanding what was going on at the moment, he had the time of his life.

"People who don't know him are here for him, that's a huge blessing," Joseph stated.


Not only was the young officer sworn in during a special ceremony, Joshua was also able to sit in the back of the fire truck and spray the firehouse since the fire department also attended the ceremony.

Joshua has two older brothers, Benjamin and Timothy, who are 10 and 7 respectively. Joshua and his family recently moved to Colorado Springs after his mother, Amanda, who is a major in the US Air Force, was re-stationed. The family mentioned that they were worried about moving so suddenly but have felt very welcomed by the people of Colorado Springs.

"[As parents] the hardest part of making the decision [to continue treatment] is that it's going to hurt him and cause him suffering and pain. But we have to put emotions aside because it's what's needed and necessary, Joseph also stated. 

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