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Colorado Places Bets On Medical Marijuana To Help Curb Opioid Problem

Colorado passed a new law to help slow down the ongoing opioid epidemic in the United States. Instead of giving an opioid prescription, doctors can instead recommend the use of medical marijuana to alleviate symptoms of their conditions.

Public Health May 28, 2019

Bomb Cyclone Hits Colorado: Here's What You Need To Know

A powerful bomb cyclone that was described as a ‘cyclone of historic proportions’ has hit the United States. It combines the force of gusty winds, severe blizzards, and flooding.

Earth/Environment March 14, 2019

Americans Getting Fatter: Obesity Rates Over 35 Percent In 7 States

The State of Obesity 2018 report revealed that Americans are getting fatter. Seven states had obesity rates of more than 35 percent in 2017, compared to five in 2016 and none in 2012.

Public Health September 13, 2018

Colorado Woman Rescues Baby Raccoon, Exposes 21 People To Rabies

A Weld County woman's rescue of a baby raccoon turned into the largest rabies exposure case in the county. Authorities advise the public to stay away from wildlife, even if they appear to have been abandoned.

Public Health July 6, 2018

Tularemia Confirmed In Dead Rabbit In Colorado, What's The Threat?

A rabbit found in Colorado was confirmed to have died from tularemia. It is the first case of the disease in the state this year, and the first case of the disease in the county since 2015.

Public Health June 24, 2018

Four-Year-Old Boy Battling Cancer Was Sworn In As Colorado Springs Police Officer

A four year-old boy was sworn in as police officer in Colorado Springs on Tuesday, April 17. The young boy is battling Stage IV Kidney Cancer that was found when he was three years old.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 18, 2018

Mysterious Booms Heard In Colorado Leave Residents Baffled

A series of mysterious boom-like noise, which has been heard in various parts of the United States, has left both residents and authorities baffled. Experts are still trying to figure out the actual cause of the sound.

Earth/Environment November 24, 2017

11-Month-Old's Death Is First Recorded Pediatric Death From Cannabis Exposure: Report

An 11-month-old's death is the first recorded pediatric death related to cannabis exposure. Though other doctors are unsure of the results, authors hope to justify educating parents and considering cannabis exposure in pediatric myocarditis.

Public Health November 16, 2017

Just Like Fast Food: First Drive-Through Marijuana Shop In Colorado Opens In March

The town of Parachute in Colorado is opening its marijuana drive-through called Tumbleweed Express in March. It is the first-of-its-kind dispensary to open in the state.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 20, 2017

Mysterious Marijuana-Related Illness Often Misdiagnosed: What Are Its Symptoms?

A newly recognized illness blamed to heavy and long-term use of marijuana is often misdiagnosed because it is relatively unknown. What are its symptoms and how is it treated?

Public Health January 2, 2017

Legalized Marijuana Sending More Colorado Children To The Hospital

Colorado saw a sharp rise in the number of young children who were hospitalized after ingesting pot-laced goodies. Cannabis-related hospitalizations increased after the state legalized recreational marijuana.

Public Health July 25, 2016

Supreme Court Dismisses Case Challenging Colorado Marijuana Law

The Supreme Court sided with Colorado in the case filed by Nebraska and Oklahoma challenging the state's legalization of marijuana. The two states contend that Colorado’s laws negatively affect their residents.

Society March 24, 2016

Blind Colorado Woman Sees Again With New Bionic Eye

After more than 15 years of blindness, a woman from Colorado can now see through her new bionic eye. Doctors implanted a microchip onto Jamie Carley's eye. She now uses an Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System to aid her.

Life December 12, 2015

A Reason To Be Grateful This Thanksgiving: Brothers Survive Big Avalanches In Colorado Backcountry

Two brothers have a reason to give thanks this holiday season. Brian and Alex Holmes, who both thought the other was dead, escaped separately after miraculously surviving a major avalanche in the Colorado backcountry.

Society November 28, 2015

Colorado Might Mark Edible Marijuana Products With Red Stop Sign: Why This Is A Good Move

Edible marijuana products from Colorado may have to be sold with a red stop symbol on their packaging and a THC sign on the actual products to identify the pot-infused food.

Life August 12, 2015

Second Plague Death Of The Year Reported In Colorado

Officials from the Pueblo City-County Health Department in Colorado have confirmed the death of another plague infection victim in the state.

Life August 6, 2015

CDC Issues New Warning About Edible Marijuana: What You Should Know

Compared with smoking, eating pot gets you high a little longer after ingesting, so there is no need to take in too much at a time, the CDC warns.

Life July 25, 2015

Bear Eats All Pies In Colorado Bakery Except Strawberry Rhubarb: Here's The Reason Why

A local pie shop in Lyons, Colorado known as the Colorado Cherry Company was broken into by a wild bear, which proceeded to eat much of the store's pastries, except for a strawberry rhubarb pie. This could be because of a highly toxic component of rhubarb called oxalate.

Society July 18, 2015

Colorado Says PTSD Sufferers Not Eligible For Medical Marijuana

The Colorado Board of Health rejects the inclusion of PTSD from list of medical conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana. According to the officials, the reason for the ineligibility of PTSD sufferers is the lack of scientific evidence.

Life July 16, 2015

Unusually Lush Conditions Causing Rise In Rabbit Fever In Colorado

Health officials believe that the unusually high number of rabbit fever cases in Colorado this year could be linked to the growing number of rabbits spurred by additional vegetation in the state.

Life July 7, 2015

Colorado Has Successfully Lowered Teenage Pregnancies Rate: Here's How It Did It

Colorado credits a program that provides free contraceptives for the decline in the teen birth rate. The program also resulted in a reduction of teen abortions as well, state health officials say.

Life July 6, 2015

Teen Colorado Athlete Dies Of Rare Strain Of Plague

A baseball student athlete from Colorado dies of septicemic plague that started off with flu-like symptoms. The reason for the death is most likely due to a flea bite acquired in the family's ranch.

Life June 22, 2015

Heavy Rain And Flooding Force Oklahoma Residents To Evacuate

At least 48 high-water rescues have been made, while more rain is expected to pour down on the already drenched Southern Plains.

Society May 24, 2015

First In U.S.: Dog Transmits Pneumonic Plague To Humans

For the first time in U.S. history, a dog has transmitted pneumonic plague to a human resulting in four infections. Dogs do not often spread the disease to humans because they are primarily transmitted through sneezing.

Life May 1, 2015

Shoot To Kill ... A Computer? Here's What A Frustrated Computer User Did In Colorado

Sometimes a PC can just push someone over the edge and often the outcome is a hard slap to the side of a monitor or even a kick to the tower. One computer user, however, clearly believed his PC needed a tougher lesson.

Internet Culture April 22, 2015

Over 100 Prairie Dogs Rescued From Colorado Garage — What Will Become Of The Rodents?

Prairie dogs are causing controversy in Colorado, where they are at the center of a battle between environmentalists and commercial developers. What will happen to the animals?

April 8, 2015

Colorado Man Advertises Need For Kidney On Truck

A man from Colorado posted an advertisement on the back of his pickup truck for possible kidney donors to his wife. A picture of the sign went viral, leading to countless calls from interested donors.

Life April 1, 2015

Colorado Testing Shows Legal Marijuana May Be Too Potent

Charas Scientific, a marijuana testing lab in Colorado, found that the THC concentration in legal marjuana is higher than it was three decades ago. The medical element of marijuana was absent from some samples tested.

Life March 24, 2015

12-Year-Old Colorado Girl Attempted To Poison Mom For Snatching Away Her iPhone

A pre-teen who was unhappy her mother punished her by taking away her iphone poisoned her mother's smoothie and drinking water with bleach. She faces two counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Society March 23, 2015

Colorado Sky Sees Mysterious Fireball

A bright green fireball lit up the pre-dawn sky over Colorado on March 11. What did people see?

March 11, 2015

State Of Pot In Colorado A Year After Marijuana Legalization

Colorado has released what appears to be the biggest statistical report on the marijuana industry to date. Here is how pot looks like in the state a year after being legalized.

Internet Culture March 1, 2015

Colorado Group Plans Legal Action Against State For Legalizing Marijuana

Safe Streets, a group opposed to the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, says that state officials violated federal law by promoting the commercialization of the drug.

Life February 19, 2015

Colorado Lawmakers Reject Right-To-Die Bill

It was an emotional day for all involved. In the end, Colorado did not join the list of states in the U.S. where assisted suicide is legal.

Society February 7, 2015

Herd of Elk Die in Southern Colorado as Ice on Reservoir Gives Way

About 20 elk drowned and froze to their death when the ice sheet on Echo Canyon Reservoir they ventured into gave way. Wildlife experts said this is a natural occurrence.

Animals January 2, 2015

Marijuana Use in Colorado Up, Says New Survey

Findings of a federal survey suggest that the use of marijuana has increased in Colorado. However, Denver, which has the highest number of marijuana dispensaries, has recorded low incidences of crime and fatal car accidents.

Society December 28, 2014

Trespasser trapped in wall of Marshalls for days finally removed

A man was freed on November 11 from a wall in a Marshalls department store. Police believe the man had been trapped in the wall for three days.

Society November 12, 2014

Jihadi quest of Colorado girls worries parents, community

Teens are impressionable, making them ideal targets for extremists recruiting people into their fold. Recruiters have also become bolder in their effort, contacting teens directly online.

Society October 31, 2014

Quadriplegic medical marijuana patient fired; Colorado court hears case

Medical marijuana patient Brandon Coats is suing Dish Network after the company dismissed him for testing positive for cannabis. Now, the state Supreme Court is hearing the case.

Life September 30, 2014

Enterovirus D68 may cause muscular paralysis in children with respiratory illness, doctors warn

Health experts suspect that the respiratory illness Enterovirus D68 is responsible for symptoms of paralysis in children. The D68 is related to the virus that causes the crippling Polio.

Life September 30, 2014

Consume responsibly: Colorado marijuana ads launch attack against anti-pot campaigns

New ads by the pot industry strike back at anti-marijuana campaigns. The MPP hopes to push users to "consume responsibly," rather than harbor fear.

Life September 17, 2014

Mountain air has high levels of ozone pollution, too

Ozone, a pollutant at ground level, is traveling up mountains in Colorado, according to a new study.

Earth/Environment August 30, 2014

Think mountain air is always clean? Study in Colorado says otherwise

Colorado mountain air, considered clean and pure, is actually polluted with ozone, a new study says.

Earth/Environment August 29, 2014

Colorado implements emergency rules on pot edibles. Here's why

Marijuana is everywhere in Colorado so overdosing is a very real problem. Regulators seek to impose rules on edible pot, ready with first draft.

Life August 1, 2014

Three new cases of rare human plague, Colorado confirms

All four cases of human plague in Colorado were linked to a dog that officials believe was exposed to fleas that fed on a rabbit or prairie dog infected with the Yersinia pestis bacteria.

Life July 20, 2014

Man from Colorado diagnosed with deadly pneumonic plague

A Colorado man was diagnosed to have the rare pneumonic plague disease. What makes it disheartening is when the man’s pet is found to be affected just the same.

Life July 15, 2014

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