Buffalo Wild Wings In Warren, Michigan Cleared After Employee Confirmed Hepatitis A


Those from in Warren, Michigan will be relieved to know that the Buffalo Wild Wings location that got exposed to Hepatitis A has officially been cleared and has now reopened.

The restaurant, which is located at 29827 Mound Rd., officially opened its doors again on Tuesday, April 17. 

BWW Speaks Out

As per reports, the restaurant briefly closed after an employee at the branch was confirmed to show signs of Hepatitis A that was contracted from an outside source. Shortly after the individual became ill, an email statement from the company was released stating that it always properly cares for the food it serves. 

"We take food safety very seriously and immediately closed the restaurant and instituted a standard sanitization process," the franchise explained

The Macomb Health County Department also confirmed that the management at Buffalo Wild Wings worked closely with health officials throughout the investigation to ensure that it would be safe to reopen the spot. 

The Symptoms

Hepatitis A is a contagious liver infection that spreads from contaminated food, water, or someone that has already contracted the virus.

Although the establishment is back in business, those that had dined at the restaurant should look out for symptoms such as fatigue, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dark urine, and jaundice. Unfortunately, these indicators may not show up right away but can develop over a course of 15 to 50 days if someone was exposed. 

Luckily, Hepatitis A can be prevented with a vaccine, but it must be given within 14 days of coming in contact with the food or person that might have the infection. Along with the vaccine, a lot of rest and change in diet is also another way to treat Hepatitis A.

The Macomb Health County Department stated that healthy practices such as washing hands thoroughly, refraining from having sex with someone who has been infected, and not sharing food or drinks with anyone can help prevent harmful germs from spreading. The virus is not deadly according to Oakland County Health Department, unless the ones affected are already seriously ill or elderly. 

While the virus may have been confirmed at this Buffalo Wild Wings location, the Food Poison Journal reports that Michigan has actually continuously experienced a Hepatitis A outbreak statewide since August 2016. 

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