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Arizona Health Officials See Surge In Hepatitis A Cases

The number of hepatitis A cases in Arizona has been increasing over the past few months. Most of those infected by the disease were concentrated in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.

Public Health May 6, 2019

Employee At Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort Infected With Hepatitis A Virus

A cast member of the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue dinner show at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort has been diagnosed with hepatitis A. What were the precautions made to prevent more infections?

Public Health January 30, 2019

FDA Warns Candy From Kentucky Could Be Contaminated With Hepatitis A

FDA warned about eating Bauer’s Candies Modjeskas after a facility worker tested positive for hepatitis A. Here's what consumers should do if they have eaten potentially contaminated candies.

Public Health January 9, 2019

Hepatitis A Identified In Restaurant Worker In Orlando, Guests Encouraged To Get Vaccinated

Hepatitis A was identified in one of the workers at Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs. Guests who visited between Nov. 6 and 16 are advised to get vaccinated.

Public Health November 23, 2018

Ohio Authorities Declare Statewide Hepatitis A Outbreak

As of June, the number of hepatitis A cases in Ohio in 2018 is already double the number of cases in the state for the entire 2017. The Ohio health department has already declared a statewide hepatitis A outbreak.

Public Health June 23, 2018

Hepatitis A Linked To Recalled Frozen Pomegranate Arils Kills 64-Year-Old Woman

A woman in Australia who contracted hepatitis A virus from a recalled packet of frozen pomegranate arils died on Wednesday. Most people who contract the liver disease get well. Who are at risk of liver failure and death?

Public Health June 6, 2018

Hepatitis A Outbreak In Michigan Is Worst In History

Michigan recorded the highest cases of hepatitis A. Experts said that this latest outbreak differs from the previous ones due to the number of fatalities.

Public Health May 29, 2018

Health Officials Caution Public About Hepatitis A Outbreak In Nashville

Nashville has been hit with a Hepatitis A outbreak, with more than a dozen cases now confirmed. In an attempt to curb its spread, the city will offer free vaccines next week.

Public Health May 26, 2018

Buffalo Wild Wings In Warren, Michigan Cleared After Employee Confirmed Hepatitis A

The Buffalo Wild Wings branch in Warren, Michigan has now reopened after being closed due to an employee getting Hepatitis A. The restaurant had submitted to investigations to ensure it was safe to open its doors again.

Public Health April 18, 2018

Hepatitis A Outbreak In Utah Came From San Diego, Say Health Officials

According to health officials, the Utah hepatitis A outbreak has spread from San Diego. Thousands of people may have been exposed to the virus, but no deaths have been reported yet.

Public Health January 12, 2018

7-Eleven Customers In Utah Possibly Exposed To Hepatitis A

Salt Lake County health officials warned that up to 2,000 customers of a certain 7-Eleven branch may have been exposed to hepatitis A. Here are the details surrounding the incident, and what you should do if you may be infected.

Public Health January 8, 2018

San Diego Starts Bleaching Streets As Hepatitis A Outbreak Kills 16: Here's How To Protect Yourself

San Diego has started washing its streets with bleach to fight back against the Hepatitis A outbreak that has already taken the lives of 16 people. For people in San Diego, here are ways to protect yourself from being infected.

Public Health September 14, 2017

Frozen Tuna In Oklahoma, California, And Texas Recalled Over Hepatitis A Fears

Following two major product recalls in May, the FDA and CDC are conducting an investigation on Hepatitis A positive tuna products. Authorities are calling for unvaccinated consumers affected by the recall to undergo post-exposure prophylaxis.

Public Health June 3, 2017

Inmates At Oakland County Jail May Have Been Exposed To Hepatitis A

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office confirms Hepatitis A exposure in the county jail. Inmates and visitors are advised to take necessary precautions to avoid widespread infection.

Public Health May 27, 2017

Health Experts Link 40 Cases Of Hepatitis A To Strawberry Smoothie Of Tropical Smoothie Cafe: What You Should Know

Forty four hepatitis A cases reported in Virginia are linked to Egyptian strawberries used in Tropical Smoothie Cafe. The illness reportedly began as early as May and has lasted up until August.

Public Health August 31, 2016

Scallops From Philippines Contaminated By Hepatitis A, FDA Laboratory Tests Reveal

Health authorities embargoed scallops from De Oro Resources. Hepatitis A were found in the products suspected to be the possible source of an outbreak of the virus in Hawaii.

Public Health August 19, 2016

Hepatitis A Contamination Prompts Recall Of Frozen Fruit Product

Canadian health officials issued a food recall warning due to possible contamination with the Hepatitis A virus. Though thedisease is mild, it could cause debilitating symptoms and progress into acute liver failure.

Life April 18, 2016

McDonald's Operator Faces Lawsuit After Diners Were Exposed To Hepatitis A

McDonald's Waterloo, New York operator Jascor Inc. was sued by a customer due to potential exposure to food and beverage made by a crew member with hepatitis A. The lawsuit is pursuing a class-action status which could include over 1,000 affected customers.

Life November 18, 2015

Adult Dose Of Hepatitis A Vaccine Given To Immigrant Children In Detention Center

About 250 children who were held with their mothers at the South Texas Family Residential Center were given adult dose of vaccine for hepatitis A. The children will be monitored for side effects.

Life July 5, 2015

Australian Authorities Eying Stricter Screenings After Hepatitis Frozen Berry Incidents

Australian regulators are looking to introduce more stringent food screening measures in the country after frozen berries from China were connected to hepatitis A infections.

Life February 18, 2015

Red Robin employee exposes 5,000 customers to hepatitis A in Missouri?

The Springfield-Greene County Health Department said that people who have dined at the Red Robin restaurant on South Glenstone Avenue between May 8 and May 16 are at risk of contracting hepatitis A.

Life May 24, 2014

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