Mindy Kaling really knows how to make us laugh. The only woman in Hollywood who loves celebrities as much as we do got crafty when decorating for the holidays in a recent Christmas episode of The Mindy Project. The relatable and lovable comedic actress created a social media sensation when she showed off her Christmas wreath, called a "Wreath Witherspoon," that has now gone viral.

During the episode, Danny Castellano (played by actor Chris Messina) is decorating his tree when his girlfriend, Dr. Mindy Lahiri (Kaling's character) gets mad at him for removing her "Rihanna Christmas tree topper."

"A Christmas tree is no place for exposed breasts, you're lucky I let you put up that wreath," he tells her as the camera shows Kaling standing next to her wreath. "Wreath Witherspoon? This is the nicest thing in your apartment," she responds.

The Wreath Witherspoon is exactly what it sounds like: pictures of Reese Witherspoon arranged on a circular holiday wreath. And so the hashtag #WreathWitherspoon was born. Twitter and Instagram users are sharing their very own creation, which will surely make Kaling proud.

Channeling their inner Martha Stewarts, here are the best Wreath Witherspoons on social media.

This one highlights Witherspoon's beautiful blonde locks over a red berry wreath.

This one shows off some of her best roles.

This one proves the more, the merrier.

Thanks for the inspiration, @mindykaling. #wreathwitherspoon

A photo posted by liwiser (@liwiser) on Dec 12, 2014 at 8:58pm PST

This overachiever made an Awreatha Franklin wreath to go along with Reese.

Apparently my new Christmas decorations aren't as hilarious as I thought they were lol #WreathWitherspoon #AwreathaFranklin A photo posted by Jeff Reynolds (@jeffreynoldsphoto) on Dec 12, 2014 at 4:50pm PST

This crafty user didn't forget to add the spoons.

Photo Credit: Mingle MediaTV/Flickr

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