Authorities in Carver County, Minnesota have made the search warrants and documents related to the death of pop music icon Prince publicly available on April 17.

The Minnesota Judicial Branch has set up a website that contains all pictures, videos, legal documents, and transcripts detailing the death of Prince, whose real name was Prince Rogers Nelson. The publication followed the court's ruling that no charges would be filed against anyone in connection with Prince's death.

The transcripts of interviews with Judith Hill, Meron Berkure, and Ray Roberts provided a glimpse of how Prince was like days before his death on April 21, 2016.

Prince's Depression

Hill had been on the plane with Prince when he overdosed on the way back from his concert in Atlanta on April 14, 2016. Before this, Prince told Hill about his depression, that he enjoyed sleeping unlike before, and had always felt bored.

Their plane made an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois where Prince rejected undergoing medical tests. He convinced Hill that he was fine and that it was probably just the two pills that he mixed, insisting that he knew how much his body can take.

Hill made him promise not to take any more pills but Prince tried to make excuses. He argued that if he stopped what he had been taking, his hands will hurt and he would be incapable of performing anymore.

Prince's Mood Swing

Roberts, who was Prince's personal chef, said Prince's behavior was abnormally up and down. He also told investigators that the pop music icon tended to be happy and energetic, then had to sleep and feel sick. The chef attributed Prince's erratic behavior to stress from his work.

Roberts said in the transcript that Prince's acquaintances had also started talking about his health a lot. About this time, Roberts had noticed that Prince, indeed, had been losing weight, which he attributed to Prince's small appetite. The singer had also been drinking less water.

Berkure, Prince's personal assistant, mentioned that Prince went to the doctor for a checkup a day before his death. She also mentioned about him behaving unusually quiet.

Prince's Diet

Roberts had worked a personal chef for the singer since 2013. He was mainly responsible to prepare Prince's vegan diet.

The night before Prince's death, he prepared him a meal consisting of roasted pepper bisque, a salad, and a smoothie. However, that night, the pop icon did not seem good, according to the transcript of Robert's interviews. Particularly, Roberts said the singer looked distressed and had not touched his dinner.

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