Prince's toxicology tests revealed that the American singer died from an accidental overdose of opioid fentanyl. The drug, which is commonly used in cancer treatments, is 25 to 50 times more powerful than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine.

The report from the Midwest Medical Examiner's Office was released on Twitter. The published document did not include how the drug was administered, nor did it specify if the drug was legally or illegally acquired.

"Midwest Medical Examiner's Office has not released any information regarding Prince investigation to anyone, including law enforcement. Results are pending," wrote the Office.

The Office also said that it is working together with the Carver County Sheriff's Office for the ongoing investigation. In the Twitter post, they stressed that they "will have no further comment."

The singer's alleged prescription drug abuse emerged after his untimely death on April 21. So far, the investigation has not come up with evidence that Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson, carried a valid prescription for the opioid drugs found at the time of his death.

Prince had been addicted to Percocet for decades prior to his demise, said a lawyer who represented the singer's half-siblings. Percocet is a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen. Oxycodone is another opioid drug.

One of Prince's half-siblings said that the singer used the drug to help him manage the difficulties that came with his job as a performer, indicating that it wasn't for recreational use.

A few days before his death, an unresponsive Prince was rushed to a hospital after making an emergency landing in Illinois. It was April 15 and the singer just finished a performance in Atlanta. Prince was given an emergency treatment for a possible painkiller overdose.

On the day before he died, Prince's team even sought out Dr. Howard Kornfeld, a renowned opioid addiction expert in California. The expert was not able to make the urgent call so his son Andrew Kornfeld took a quick, overnight flight to Prince's home and recording studio in Minnesota.

The plan was for Andrew to evaluate the singer's condition and help him get treatment for possible addiction problems.

But it was too late.

On the morning of April 21, the 57-year-old unresponsive Prince was found inside an elevator in his home at Paisley Park, Chanhassen, Minnesota. He weighed 112 pounds at the time of his death.

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