Disney is currently working on a new film that is designed for the family. It's an adventure movie, and it is expected to be called Ed Terrestrial. The studio has also hired Michael Starrbury to re-write the script.  

For now, the script is being kept under wraps, but rumors claim it is centered around an extraterrestrial being. Chances are this alien being will bond with a human child or teen in some aspect, as this is almost always the idea behind these family-oriented adventure movies.  

Furthermore, we understand that the director of Shrek, Andrew Adamson, was called on to direct the film while Louie Provost has chosen to oversee the project. At the moment, no one knows when Ed Terrestrial will hit theaters, but we are confident it won't happen anytime soon.

If talks mature quickly enough, filming could begin in 2015, but that is if Disney locates the right actors in a timely fashion. If not, then Disney fans and general moviegoers should expect filming to kick off in 2016, and release to theaters in 2017.  

Interestingly enough, since Disney has hired Andrew Adamson to direct the movie, we have to wonder if it is going to be an animated blockbuster or live action. The name sure does sound like something that could work best in the animated movie scene rather than live action.  

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ed Terrestrial, if successful at the box office, might transform into a franchise because that is the aim of Disney at this point. The studio wants something along the lines of Indiana Jones and Men in Black, so right away it appears our assumption that Ed Terrestrial could be an animated movie is out of the picture.  

It's been a long time since Disney created a franchise around an animated blockbuster film, and the studio has had many chances. The Incredibles is one of these movies that could have easily turned into a money-making franchise, but Disney did not capitalize on the signs.  

However, if Ed Terrestrial turns out to be an animated blockbuster, then Disney will no doubt change the way it views non-live-action movies in the future.

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