Home Automation at CES: What to Expect


This year's Consumer Electronics Show is set to start in just a few short weeks, allowing companies to show off their newest and best products.

A big focus at CES in 2015 will be home automation, with connected devices becoming and more and more popular.

There are a number of categories set to be shown off at CES. First of all, there will be an abundance of multipurpose sensors, meaning sensors that can do more than just sense motion. These sensors will be able to detect things like noise, for example.

There will also be a number of connected devices that are made to help users sleep. These devices will be able to analyze sleep patterns, such as the Beddit, which analyzes sleep and wakes the user up when, according to their sleeping pattern, it's most healthy to wake up.

The next home automation category that will be popular at CES this year is cameras, which will be able to do more than just film. There will be a number of facial recognition products, which will be connected for things like home security. We will also see devices such as cameras, which will also be able to perform acoustical analysis, essentially meaning that they will be able to recognize specific sounds and noises.

A number of companies will be coming out with touchscreen devices that live on our walls. These will be able to control different aspects of the smart home, from heating, to even water flow.

The smart home as a service is set to be a big part of CES 2015. SHaaS services are essentially services that help make everything in the smart home work together. This is an important part of the smart home, especially with so many devices being introduced.

Samsung will be one of the major players at this year's CES, even having a mock home set up in its area to show off all the products that it is introducing.

LG will also be showing off connected devices, specifically its new webOS 2.0 smart TV, which is essentially an upgraded version of the first webOS TV, aimed at being "intuitive and convenient" to use. According to LG, load times on the device have been lowered by a whopping 60 percent. webOS was first acquired by LG from HP in February 2013, introducing a webOS TV at CES 2014. Its new webOS 2.0 TV is set to rival Samsung, who is introducing a smart TV that is powered by Tizen, an operating system that it has developed.

Home automation and smart-home devices will pay a big role at CES, however it remains to be seen just how big.

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