LG Electronics will be launching the company's new webOS 2.0 Smart TV platform at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show, which will be held in Las Vegas from Jan. 6 to Jan. 9.

The Smart TV platform, which will be featured in a TV lineup, has been designed for the enhancement of the important features that are found in today's Smart TVs, further improving the user experience for LG Smart TVs that the company says is unmatched by rival companies.

In addition, LG said that the company is currently working with several content providers, including Amazon and Netflix, to make sure that owners of LG Smart TVs will have constant access to a massive library of content for watching on 4K resolution.

LG's webOS TV was originally designed to "Make TV Simple Again," with the platform looking to simplify the increasing complex operations of smart TVs. LG's webOS has three overarching features, namely Simple Connection, Simple Switching and Simple Discovery, which implement the simplification.

The original webOS was a success, with LG's TVs that were running it selling 1 million units within the first two months of its launch and 5 million units within the first eight months. LG is looking to replicate and surpass that success with webOS 2.0.

LG introduces several new features and improvements to the second version of the webOS platform. Examples of such improvements include boot times that are up to 60 percent faster and improved content loading times, such as up to 70 percent for accessing YouTube from the home screen of the TVs.

The webOS 2.0 platform also introduces My Channels, which gives users the option to customize the Launcher Bar of their TVs to include their favorite TV channels or set-top box channels. The new platform also implements Quick Settings, which allows users to make adjustments on their TVs without interrupting what they are watching, and Input Picker, which instantly recognizes connected devices to be immediately used.

"With the newest features introduced in webOS 2.0, the overall user experience has become even simpler, easier and more intuitive," said LG Electronic Home Entertainment Company senior VP and TV and monitor division head In-kyu Lee.

Lee adds that the company's webOS platform shows LG's commitment in being a leader in the market of next generation TVs.

The entire range of webOS 2.0 TVs will be on display at LG's booth in the 2015 CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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