Get ready, Fortnite players! Epic Games has updated the fan-favorite survival game with new twists, potential adventures, and two additional weapons.

The New Weapons

On Tuesday, April 24, Epic Games shared on its website the new features included in V3.6. The software company revealed a weapon called the Clinger that would help any users get out of trouble. The plunger lookalike weapon can be used in both the Battle Royale and Save the World scenarios. Another new threat that players can shock their adversaries with is the Noble Launcher. Once players charge up this tool, the Noble Launcher can electrify their enemies. However, this elusive weapon can be found only in the Save the World area of the game.

Additional Game Enhancements

According to Epic Games, both Battle Royale and Save the World received some technological touch-ups. The Battle Royale users will notice that the company addressed multiple bug fixes in several key areas such as UI and gameplay. Also, they will find improvements in the audio, art, animation, and performance of the section.

Over on the Save the World portion of the game, fans will notice that Bacon, a material that helps create different tools, has increased its presence. There are also notable improvements on the Salvage the Drone mission, such as tripling the number of salvage resources, and the drones are less crushable. Also, the software company decreased the time players can revive Defenders from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.

End Of Days?

Several media outlets and Fortnite fan sites believe that the game creators hid something significant from the players. Recently, Fortnite's social media channels received an emergency broadcast signal that featured a llama in the middle of the screen. Fans reacted all over social media that the emergency signal will directly correlate to the possible destruction of the Tilted Towers, which might be caused by a meteor. Forbes predicted that the next chapter of the game could include some twist involving aliens, dinosaurs, or a post-apocalyptic future.

'Fortnite' Updates

Fortnite made other headlines recently. Twitch user Tyler Blevins, who goes by the alter-ego Ninja, broke the video streaming website's concurrent streaming record with 667,600 users. The broadcast took place at a Las Vegas charity event.

Meanwhile, Ohio's Ashland University announced that it is creating a unique scholarship for Fortnite users. The Fortnite scholarship program will offer up to $4,000 to students. Also, coaches and staff members will help scholars balance their academic and Fortnite lives.

Recently, as some players were getting tired of waiting for the alleged meteor to hit the game, several Fortnite players shocked the community. Reddit users invited people to join them on April 18 to destroy the game's Tilted Towers. At the end of its offense, the team celebrated with a virtual dance party.

Tech Times reached out to Epic Games for a comment about the story. The organization declined to comment.

To see the Clinger in action, watch the video below:

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