Updates from Epic Games continue to pour in, with the latest one confirming that a new map for Fortnite Battle Royale is not coming soon.

This new piece of information officially clears up what players had been speculating since last week. Based on the details given by one of the developers, the team has other important matters to focus on for the moment instead of new playing field for its users.

Earlier this year, the people behind the popular shooter teased fans that it will eventually introduce a new map but declined to share details of what it has in store for 2018.

Not What Everyone Expected

In the previous year, the development team generated hype about the game when it confirmed plans related to the game's map. Instead, what the users got was an announcement that the current one would be redesigned to encourage players to explore more areas.

Barren areas that previously did not have much action were revisited and refurbished to include more structures that potentially hold loot. This encouraged encounters in places like the elevated skyscrapers of Tilted Towers or took battles below sea level in Shifty Shafts.

A Race Between Rivals

Several sources noted that veteran players are somewhat disappointed with Epic Games' decision to hold off the development of a new map. A comparison was made between Fortnite Battle Royale against its biggest competitor, PUBG.

The latter is already ahead with more maps and it has already teased its third one, which is currently labeled as Codename: Savage. Even though this is reason enough for players to abandon ship and make their way to Brendan Greene's creation, the continuous delivery of new content and balance changes presumably keeps players satisfied for now.

From The Developer's Standpoint

Eric Williamson, the game's lead designer, recently sat down with IGN's Expert Mode to discuss the studio's plans for the open-world shooter. "We just had the big map updated and we earned a lot through that process," explained Williamson.

"There's no urgency for us to create a new map right now. It's not a priority right now, whereas continuing to evolve and make the map feel fresh is something we're very excited and interested about. So stay tuned; we have some interesting ideas," he added.

Inevitable Destruction

Another popular rumor that has been shared among Fortnite Battle Royale players now appears to be true. Based on the developer's plans to focus on the current map and come up with gimmicks to keep players interested, it seems that speculation about a meteor that will crash and destroy Tilted Towers might be happening after all.

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