There Might Be A #MeToo Show Hosted By Charlie Rose, One Of The Accused Harassers


Charlie Rose, whose allegations of sexual harassment came amid the still-potent #MeToo and #Times Up movements, is reportedly plotting a comeback following his dismissal at CBS in November 2017.

Rose is now the latest disgraced entertainment industry figure speculated to make an attempt at redemption, following rumors of Louis C.K. returning to the comedy world, and Matt Lauer "testing the waters" for his own comeback.

#MeToo Series Starring Charlie Rose

There's a #MeToo series in the works that will star Rose, as Page Six reports, and the structure would have him interview other figures who have lost their jobs after being accused of sexual harassment last fall, including C.K. and Lauer.

Tina Brown, a celebrity and previous editor for The New Yorker and Vanity Fair, confirmed to Page Six that she was offered a producing role on the show but vehemently declined the opportunity. She did not confirm who had approached her.

"These guys are already planning their comebacks!" said Brown during a luncheon where she first mentioned about the project.

Why This Is Worrisome

As Vox notes, there's no reason to believe a show like this could get made given the current climate of sexual allegations and the high-profile men being ousted following accusations of their sexual misconduct. But the fact that there are people working to develop a show like that is troubling enough, and indicative that instead of finding meaningful, sincere methods of penance for their actions, some men think they've spent enough time in exile and want to stage a proper comeback.

When he was fired following sexual misconduct allegations, Rose offered an apology but denied the accuracy of some reports:

"I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings, even though I now realize I was mistaken," he said. Rose has not commented on the rumored development of the show in question.

Brown told Page Six the project isn't currently attached to any network, streaming platform, or producer. Three guests from the luncheon said she'd called it a "Netflix show," but citing a source, Vanity Fair reports Netflix isn't involved with the project.

Below are some reactions from Twitter:

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