Aziz Ansari's new stand-up special Live at Madison Square Garden premieres on Netflix today. If you're experiencing some Tom Haverford or Parks and Recreation separation anxiety, this might just soothe your withdrawal symptoms.

Because of the abundance of movies, TV shows and documentaries on Netflix, sometimes it can be easy to forget that the streaming service actually has a pretty great selection of stand-up specials. So after you check out Ansari's newest special on Netflix, here are 11 more stand-ups you should check out to bring a healthy dose of comedic introspection to your life.

Chelsea Peretti — One of the Greats (2014)
Known for her roles on the Kroll Show and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Peretti’s stand-up proves that she has a unique comedic voice in her own right. Peretti’s routine is strongest when she’s talking about how the Internet shapes our connections, her bit on texting with her dog and the #NoMakeup selfie movement perfectly capture the relatable, “tell like it is” brand of humor that she has crafted.

Aziz Ansari — Buried Alive (2013)
Ansari’s Buried Alive stand-up is all about relationships. Acting as a sort of sociologist, Ansari deep dives into the dynamics of marriage, parenthood and love. And he doesn’t just make jokes about these topics, he brings his own color of research to formulate answers (albeit, funny ones) on why we do certain things. It all comes together to form a piece of work that’s not just a funny stand-up but an interesting anthropological commentary on human connections.

Zach Galifianakis — Live at the Purple Onion (2006)
Filled with the dry and self-deprecating humor we know and love from Galifianakis, this stand-up is a little bit bizarre but in all the right ways.

John Mulaney — New In Town (2012)
Though Mulaney’s new show received horrible reviews, it’s not because he doesn’t have the comedic skill to entertain people. Mulaney’s humor is boyish in a charmingly relatable way. His humor can be summed up by a line he says in his special: “a 28-year-old healthy man trying his best.” Aren’t we all just trying our best?

Moshe Kasher — Live From Oakland (2012)
Kasher writes a tightly-written stand-up that is whip-smart and self-aware. From speaking about ridiculous “in da club” speech to being called names by his dad, Kasher is quick on his feet, spitting off rapid-fire jokes with an impressive skill.

Eddie Murphy – Raw (1987)
Raw has some high points and some definite low points, with the low points being some gross homophobic jokes at the beginning of the show. Murphy has since apologized for this, blaming his youth. If you can skip past these missteps, you get to behold a true stand-up classic, filled with witty impersonations, insightful observations and Murphy at his most magnetic.

Jim Gaffigan – Beyond The Pale (2005)
Beyond the Pale was the stand-up routine that launched Gaffigan’s career. His bit about Hot Pockets is a can’t miss and if you’re looking for a comedy special that is smart, funny and fun for the whole family, this is it. Gaffigan keeps it clean and crude-less.

Nick Thune — Folk Hero (2014)
Bizarre, irreverent and keenly observant, Thune’s comedy is refreshing because of how sincere it seems. There’s an inherent likability to Thune as he goes off the traditional comedic beaten path to create something all his own.

Bill Burr — You People Are All the Same (2014)
Burr’s humor is unapologetic and brazen in a "you either love him or hate him" kind of way. He takes on controversial topics such as population control, Duck Dynasty and religion with an unflinching sense of observation.

Louis C.K. – Chewed Up (2008)
This is definitely one of Louis C.K.’s strongest stand-ups. He takes on politically correct euphemisms, doctor speak and Cinnabons.

Mike Birbiglia — My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (2013)
Birbiglia masterfully blends storytelling and stand-up and takes us on a journey as he navigates love and relationships. He’s heart-wrenching and hilarious and creates a spot that is just as meaningful as it is funny.

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