Prepare To Be Shocked When You Ask Siri To Define 'Mother' Twice


We've all probably heard or experienced weird Siri questions and answers, but the digital assistant's definition of the word "mother" will likely be near the top of the list for almost everybody.

The Apple digital assistant, while having its fair share of feel-good stories such saving a sick girl from Hurricane Harvey, also sometimes screws things up.

Here's The Answer When You Ask Siri To Define 'Mother' Twice

Redditor thatwasabaddecision started a thread on the Apple subreddit, suggesting people to ask Siri to "define the word mother." When Siri responds with the normal definition and asks if users want to hear the next one, say "yes," and be prepared to be shocked.

This is because, for Siri, the second definition of the word is "short for motherf****r."

The definition by Siri has been confirmed by multiple users and media outlets. If you would like to try it out yourself, feel free to do so, but be reminded to use headphones or tone down the volume due to the NSFW answer.

The reason behind the shocking answer is that Siri pulls definitions to words from the online Oxford Dictionary. After the usual definitions of the word "mother," the NSFW definition really does appear as the second one. The definition is listed as North American vulgar slang, and it is unclear why Siri does not mention this or why there is no system in place to skip definitions that fall under such a category. 

As far as weird digital assistant stories go, the vulgar definition of the word "mother" by Siri follows the recent reports that Alexa randomly laughs. Apparently, while Alexa is freaking out users, Siri is blindsiding others with vulgar definitions, when the Apple assistant itself does not take too kindly when you use swear words during conversations.

What's Next For Siri?

Siri is featured in the Apple HomePod, the company's challenger to the Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers. The $350 device, however, launched with mixed reviews, with most of the negative points on the limitations on what the smart speaker and Siri can do.

While the HomePod is struggling, Apple is working on other devices that will feature Siri. According to reports, an upgraded version of the Apple AirPods will be launched this year that will allow hands-free Siri. Users will be able to wake up the digital assistant by saying "Hey, Siri" instead of tapping the earbuds, as in the current model.

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