New App May Help Teens Battle Depression: Could Games Be The Solution?


According to an article written by BigThink, young adults are suffering the most from depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses in America. Apparently, young adults carry around an idea of "perfectionism," which adds to the stress of their daily lives.

While many experts have tried to come out with the solution to this current epidemic, a new development could combine one of young adult's favorite pastimes and physical activity to help combat depressive thoughts.

Are Games The Answer?

The World Health Organization suggests that by 2030, mental health disorders will rise from being the third "leading cause of the global burden of disease" to being the first. However, therapists are becoming less available to help the people in need, particularly teenagers. More experts and researchers are trying new ways to get through young adults by technology, something that majority of them have access too.

While there are many apps available on smartphones that help provide inspirational tips and guides to follow, many quit before they finish what they started. A new app that is now being developed will not only possibly help young adults fight depression but also monitor a person while they use it.

PyschApps, a London-based digital mental health start-up, raised over $100 billion trying to find a solution in fighting depression among young adults through games.

The new app called eQuoo, is an "emotional" fitness app that is a new form digital therapy, which will be launching at the end of May. PsycApps will also be adding artificial intelligence into the game. This could help young adults become more exposed to healthier brain stimulation by providing positive thoughts and attitudes.

Physical Activity Can Also Help

While this new app can help decrease the amount of stress young adults endure, other experts suggest that physical activity is also key for a young adult to obtain happiness.

A study conducted by Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research showed that young adults that exercise at a younger age will less likely become depressed when they enter adulthood. The study was tested on 3,500 14-year-olds and then later checked on their mental health when they turned 21. 

The leader of the project, Dr. Shuichi Suetani, stated that the results coincided with previous studies that showed lack of physical activity can lead to a person becoming depressed in their adulthood. Suetani continued that teenagers who do not engage in any type of physical activity during their developmental stage could also develop mood disorders.

"Physical activity also creates opportunities for increased social interaction and the development of social skills, while offering a good strategy for coping with stress. Other benefits include improved self-esteem which may help create resilience among those with higher levels of physical activity," he stated.

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