The Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange, which is on its fourth year, has had thousands of users on the online community platform participate in giving out gifts to each other. For this year, a total of 212,894 users participated, with one of these users being Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

For this year, Gates was the Secret Santa of Cali, a 25-year-old woman that had the Reddit username Calid7.

"I can not believe it. I am literally shaking right now I AM IN SHOCK," wrote Cali on the Reddit Gifts forum.

Cali listed a helmet of Loki, the villain from the Marvel Universe and Thor's brother, as a "pie in the sky wish," and Gates was able to send her one. Unfortunately, Cali wrote, the horns of the helmet were cracked when she got the item, but she did add that she would be able to think of how to fix the damage.

In addition to the Loki helmet, Gates sent Cali a coffee table book that contained pictures taken in Africa, which is a place that Cali said is somewhere that she really wants to go to. Gates even wrote a message on the book, saying that he hopes Cali does get a chance to visit Africa.

Cali also received a Giant microbes polio virus stuffed toy and, according to Cali, the most important part of the gifts of Gates which is a donation in her name to the charity Shot@Life. The program provides vaccinations for children living in poor nations.

"I can't even begin to describe how incredible it makes me feel knowing that he made this donation in my name! I always donate what I can for charities, which is never much cause money is always extremely tight, it really makes me glow!" Cali said about the donation made by Gates.

This is the second year in a row that Bill Gates participated in the Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange. Last year, Gates was one of the 121,900 users that signed up for the program.

The Reddit user that Gates became the Secret Santa for was Rachel, who had the username NY1227. Gates sent her a stuffed cow toy, along with a card that revealed who Rachel's Secret Santa was.

Also included in the gifts of Gates was a $500 donation to Heifer International, which provides families with their own cow to provide them with dairy products and to be a source of income.

Gates also sent Rachel a National Geographic book entitled Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World's Greatest Trips.

Lastly, Gates also sent Rachel a picture of him holding the stuffed cow toy and his note, to confirm that it really was the Microsoft co-founder that sent her the gifts.

Rachel, however, did admit that it was awkward to have an Apple iPad in her wish list.

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